Davao’s Hidden Gem: T-Cube (T3)

02 August 2019, Davao City – As an Overseas Filipino Worker, whenever I have my vacation in Davao, I always want to try new restos/cafes in the city. I am currently in Davao and will stay here until 21st August. I am excited to meet my family and friends and try different restaurants around the city.

Before coming home, I’ve heard about a new milk tea shop in Bolton St., Davao City. This milk tea shop is called – T-Cube (T3). There are already a lot of milk tea shops in Davao City. Most of them are famous brands like Chatime, 360, Serenitea, Happy Lemon and Macao Imperial. T-Cube is a local brand created for Davaoenos who love Milk Tea by Davaoenas.

This Milk Tea cafe is very new. They just opened two months ago. Somehow it is still hard to locate since they are still working on their signages. Their full address is Door 4, The Paper Tree Arcade, Bolton Street, Davao City. They are just located across from the University of Mindanao Bolton Campus. You can look for “Chik-a-Bing” restaurant and thats where you’ll also find T-Cube. They still don’t have a signage on the main road, but working on it.

Me and my cousin went there yesterday and tried two of their best sellers.

  1. Oreo Cream Milk Tea

2. T3 Special Milk Tea

I tried the Oreo Cream Milk Tea and it was great. You don’t have to go to a mall, fall in line and queue for a long period of time to have a taste of the same product (maybe even better). My cousin also loved the T3 Special Milk Tea. We even ended up doing a mini photo shoot in the cafe. 😛

I think the best thing about T-Cube is their place. Unlike going to malls, you can enjoy your milk tea in a nice ambience. You don’t have to rush as they have lots of seats available. Since this is close to schools, you can study while having your milk tea. I heard there are days when group of people do their bible studies on the second floor. The place is lovely! You’d really want to stay and spend time with friends. By the way, they also have a really good WiFi connection. 😉

Vanessa Diares

Thank you Ms. Riya for accommodating us. 🙂

We’ll be back soon to try other teas. 😉

You can check the following for more details:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tcubedavao
Phone No.: 0946 700 3663
Instagram: @tcubedavao

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