Just a Stranger – Dubai Private Screening with Anne Curtis

Dubai, UAE – Just a Stranger is a movie by Viva Films which stars Anne Curtis. It was released in the Philippines last 21 August while here in Dubai on 5 September. However, three private screenings were arranged with a meet & greet opportunity with Anne Curtis on 6 September.

I will talk little about the movie so as not to spoil those who haven’t watched it yet. The movie is about two strangers who met in Lisbon and developed some kind of connection. The problem is both of them are in a relationship. What happened supposedly to be a night stand, became something the both of them couldn’t resist.

The story is relatable as a lot of us travel often and meet new people. The plot is somehow familiar but Anne gave her own attack on the movie. Though it was a May-December affair, I find Marco Gumabao too young for the role. He should have been perfect for the role, however he still needs a lot of improvement in terms of acting. His movie outfit / handlers should build him as he has a lot of potential. Perhaps more movies and tv series for him. This way, he’d be able to harness his craft in acting. Anne Curtis has proven once again that she is a versatile actress. She has taken control of the entire film. If you are a fan of Anne Curtis you will love her more in this film.

I love how Jason Laxamana added comedy in the movie. Josef Elizalde as the priest should be praised! He was perfect for the role. The confession scene perhaps is the most entertaining part of the movie. The ending was sad but will make you realise that there will always be a consequence for the wrong things that we do. I would have wanted a better ending but the inside in me tells that it was the right ending as people should be reminded that WRONG IS WRONG! 🙂

Now, back to the meet & greet session with Anne Curtis. I’ve met several Filipino celebrities and perhaps Anne is one of those who really reach out to fans. She didn’t hesitate to shake our hands and even offered her hands first. She didn’t even care if people kissed her or hugged her. That was really nice of her considering that she arrived Dubai at 5am and had her first meet & greet at 10am, the second was at 2PM and ours at 3PM.

I enjoyed the movie and the meet and greet session. It was just sad that movie goers were not allowed to take selfie with Anne. That could have made the viewers happier. One of the sponsors had an official photographer and we were given opportunity to have a photo taken with Anne as a group. It was okay but could have been improved.

Now, as for my recommendation about the movie… I guess we should be supporting our local movie industry. This is one of those that you won’t regret watching in the cinema. It was actually good. However, love story was never my thing thus, I can’t consider it one of the best I’ve seen. Just give it a try and watch it.

Here’s a video I’ve taken during the meet and greet session.

If you were one of those who watched the private screening, you can get your photos at Front Row Filmed Entertainment official FB page.

Thank you to the organisers of this event. Photo above credits to Front Row Filmed Entertainment.

3 thoughts on “Just a Stranger – Dubai Private Screening with Anne Curtis

    • Its nice to see your comment again Ms. Y. 🙂 The event was indeed fun… thank u so much for dropping by… haven’t written consistently these days… i have a lot in mind to write and share but often gets too tired to write..

      when i checked your blog, its so nice to see that you keep posting regularly. 🙂

      You are amazing! 🙂

      • Hi – well you know I have had seasons of NOT posting – almost a year one time
        and so you just post as you can and feel led –
        you still have your footprint here with your blog and can nurture it at any time.
        glad you keep it up and check in when you can

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