MEFCC2020: Conversation with Brandon Routh

One of the celebrities that I looked forward during this year’s Comic Con was Brandon Routh. I am a fan of Superman and seeing the person who portrayed him in the movies was just a dream for me. I made … Continue reading

MEFCC 2019 (Middle East Film & Comic Convention)

I know this is very late and since #MEFCC2020 is starting today, I have to post my #MEFCC2019 experience. Though, I already posted my youtube video last year, but as a blogger, I have to write something about it and … Continue reading

Where to buy FUNKO POPS in Dubai?

Are you familiar with Funko Pops? According to wiki Funko was founded in 1998 by Mike Becker at his home in Snohomish, Washington. He started the business after looking for a collectible coin bank shaped after Bob’s Big Boy Mascot. … Continue reading