The Middle East Film & Comic Convention 2016

MEFCC 2016

08 April 2016 – The day I attended the Middle East Film & Comic Convention 2016 in Dubai.  It was my second time to attend the MEFCC and I was again blown away by the stunning costumes of the cosplayers. … Continue reading

Sculptures in Singapore

I am always fascinated with different forms of art.  I think it is because this is something that I am not really good at.  I think art can be found anywhere.  Our world is a greatest form of art that … Continue reading

Black & White Photo Challenge

The Black & White Photo Challenge has been going on facebook and instagram for a while.  It was just recently that I was nominated to take this challenge.  I already posted my five black and white photos on instagram and … Continue reading

How to make your Starbucks Planner worth keeping?

Starbucks Planner 2014

I have been using planners for a long time now.  I always want to record important events in my life.  I also often forget appointments and birthdays that’s why it really helps to have them listed in my planner.  For the … Continue reading