All About “jazperjay”

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I am not a good writer but I will try to write some sensible stuff.

By the way, I am Jasper and I am from Davao City, Philippines.  I love travelling and most of the time I travel alone.  Travelling is my way of de-stressing.  This is also my way of enjoying life and appreciating what God has created for us.

This blog is not just about my trips but also things that I love. It also includes movies that I watched and news that I think is worth sharing to the world. lol

The world is indeed a beautiful place.  We should always be thankful to God for all his creations.  Life is also beautiful   Let’s live each day to the fullest!

FYI. The pictures posted in my blog entries are all mine unless otherwise stated.  So, if you plan to use them please have the decency to ask me and/or link the source page.

Currently, I am now living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  I am trying to achieve my dreams – which is to travel around the world. 😀 😀 😀  Working as an overseas worker is not easy but I am enjoying it. I love DUBAI and will be writing more about this new home of mine.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, suggestions, or comments… or

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Thank you!


30 thoughts on “All About “jazperjay”

  1. Love your blog .. I think I’ll follow for a bit. If your theme allows the mobile app to be enabled ( under appearance in the dashboard) that’d be awesome. Ttylater!

  2. Lovely to meet you Jasper! We are very similar to you in that we love travel and want to live life to the fullest! We too find travel destressing but also a great way to learn about the world, people and their cultures! We look forward to following to your posts 🙂

    • Wow… THANK YOU!

      I am also happy to meet you guys here.
      I love your blog. I envy the places you’ve been. hahaha

      The WORLD is indeed your playground. Keep exploring the world. I’ll be checking your blog from now on. 😀

      Hope to see you somewhere in your playground soon. 🙂

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