Dubai Mall’s Flash Fashion Show 2019

One of the things why I like going to The Dubai Mall is that they always have different treats for its guests. There was a time when they had performers in certain parts of the mall. On certain occasions, they were giving freebies to mall goers. Currently, there are different phone booths located around The Dubai Mall. When someone hears it ring, he/she should immediately answer the call or go to the booth. Then, he/she wins a prize. Amazing, right? 🙂

A few months back, while I was just walking around the mall, I noticed certain areas which were well-decorated. People were enjoying having photo ops in those areas. Apparently, at that time they were doing a so called – FLASH FASHION SHOW. I think it’s a fashion show version of a flash mob. While people are shopping, a fashion show suddenly starts. 🙂

I managed to be in the mall when a Flash Fashion Show was happening. Luckily, my camera was with me at that time. The first show I witnessed was for Imperial Fashion Dubai, then after a few hours it was Banana Republic.

It is nice to witness these kinds of events once in a while. I am not a fashionista but I enjoy watching fashion show. It gives me that feeling that I can be a fashion authority. lol – just in my mind! hahaha

I hope to see more events like this in Dubai Mall.

Here are some of the photos I took during that time:



Fashion shows like this in the malls should be encouraged. This becomes an avenue of different brands to showcase their designs. It is like a kind of advertisement that mall goers can see. This will strengthen also the relationship of the mall management and its tenants. 🙂

See you in the next fashion events around Dubai! 😉

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