Christmas Socks

Xmas SockLast Christmas I hung my Christmas sock near our Christmas Tree.  We have a tradition that if you were a good boy or girl for the entire year, Santa Claus will visit your house and give you presents.  We usually hang Socks or even cellophane.  Our family usually do this tradition.  This year we agreed to hang the biggest sock we could find.  Of course I had the biggest sock. lol 😀

On Christmas day morning, I got candies, chocolate bars, polvoron, lollipops and even 50 pesos. hahaha.  Well, I actually know who put them all but for the sake of Christmas we just need to participate and have fun.  No one need to spoil it. As long as the children believe, we will always have a wonderful Christmas.

See you this Christmas Santa!  I will be better this year 😀