Rody Duterte – the 16th President of the Philippines

President Duterte

As of 2:00AM update from partial/unofficial tally: No one can take this from us.. We now have a new president.  Please forgive me but I cannot wait for the official proclamation.  Allow me to share one photo of Pres. … Continue reading

Bakit si DUTERTE ang Presidente namin?

Duterte Supporters in Dubai

One of the most common discussions on the internet today is the upcoming Philippine National Election.  This post is dedicated to the upcoming election, my way of supporting my candidate and for others to realize that the best candidate is … Continue reading

Kadayawan 2014 formally Opens

Kadayawan 2014 Opening Ceremony

The 29th Kadayawan Festival has been formally opened by our City Mayor ~ Rodrigo Duterte last night.  He was accompanied by the city councilors and the candidates of Hiyas ng Kadayawan.  After lighting the torch he gave a very inspirational message for all people who live and wish to live in Davao.  He reminded everyone that regardless of who we are, where we came from and what religion we have,  we need to respect each other.

Kining igsoon nato nga mga Maranao. Kining mga “dibidi, dibidi”, pasagdan nato na kay nanginabuhi kitang tanan. Kamong mga Maranao, ayaw sige og kasuko. Smile ‘mo! Mag init akong ulo pag dili mag smile. Respeto! Muslim ug Kristiyano. Smile ‘ta pirmi. Isa lang sikreto pagpadagan sa siyudad: RESPETO. 

-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte