Sohoton Islands

I’ve been wanting to write something about my adventure in Sohoton, Surigao del Norte.  However, I just couldn’t find the time.  Anyway, I already have the time now so let me tell you first how I got there. This is one of … Continue reading

Boracay Island – “The Paradise”

Being in Boracay made me realize how beautiful my country is. I don’t know why it took me 28 years of my existence to finally visit this place.  Anyway, if you are a beach lover, then this is the perfect place for you.  No wonder thousands of tourists from different countries all over the world come and visit this wonderful island.  Here are some of my fave shots in Bora.

Station 1 area

Bora Boats

The Boat

Lovers are allover the place.. <3

Lovers are allover the place.. ❤

Bora Sunset - always amazes me!

Boracay Sunset – always amazes me!

I just love this place. I hope I could go back next year.  This is a Paradise!