Carmen’s Garden Bistro

Carmen's Garden Bistro

     Last Friday (May 30, 2014), I was one of the Davao Bloggers who got invited to attend the Bloggers Dinner of Carmen’s Garden Bistro at Ping Low Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao City.  It is located across from Java Jive.  … Continue reading

Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

Are you familiar with DFAT? It’s Davao Food Appreciation Tour. The Davao Food Appreciation Tour is the first, longest-running, and most anticipated food and travel event by bloggers for bloggers. This year different bloggers visited different restaurants around the city … Continue reading

Vikings SM Lanang- the King of Buffets

Vikings SM Lanang

Foodgasm – that moment when you first eat something REALLY tasty and your whole body reacts, often characterized by the same reaction your body has to other pleasurable activities. This is exactly how I felt when I dined at Vikings. … Continue reading