The Ananuri Fortress

Ananuri (Georgian : ანანური ) is a castle complex on the Aragvi River in Georgia, about 45 miles (72 kilometres) from Tbilisi. In 1739, Ananuri was attacked by forces from a rival duchy, commanded by Shanshe of Ksani and was set on fire. The Aragvi clan was massacred. However, … Continue reading

My First Mass of 2013

Assumption Church

During the last months of 2012, I rarely go to church.  However, I am confident about my personal relationship with God.  I talk to HIM everyday and thank HIM for everything that He has given me.

This year, I have just attended my first mass of 2013.  Last Monday, I realized I need to go to the church.  After my work, I went to Assumption church to light a candle or to pray. Luckily, there was a mass going on and I attended it.

In our life, we can only rely to GOD.  Making Him the center of our lives will make our lives easier.  I thank God for the wonderful year that was and hoping that this year would be better.

My life, despite all the problems and trials has been great and amazing.  God has always been good to me.

I love you so much Father!  Thank you for everything!

♥ 🙂 ♥