Teacher was asked to quit her job for Disciplining her student

This issue has been appearing on my news feed and I feel the need to share my two cents. To those who are not aware, a TV show in the Philippines called “Tulfo in Action” recently featured a story about a grandmother who complained about the teacher of her grandson for humiliation the student. Here are some of the stories that I got online:

According to the report the Grandmother (Lola Salvy) complained that the teacher (Melita Limjuco) humiliated her grade two grandson. The teacher initially denied it but a CCTV footage was shown and was used as an evidence to justicy Lola Salvy’s complaint.

According to Lola Salvy, the cause of humiliation was to shallow because her grandson only forgot to return his report card. The show was able to get a hold of Melita and the teacher was even willing to apologise. However, Lola Salvy wanted justice and claimed that her grandson was traumatised. The mother of the child (Rosemil Edroso) doesn’t want to file a case but wants the teacher to stop teaching and lose her teacher’s license.
Thus, the teacher was given two options to chose from: face criminal charges such as child abuse or concede and give up her license and profession. The teacher peacefully chose the latter and that settled everything.

Here’s my take on this issue. I am not in favor of physical abuse and public humiliation of any students. However, teachers should be given power to discipline the students properly. I haven’t seen the video of the TV show but have read different reports about it. It was wrong to to humiliate the student but what is worse is what they did to the teacher.

I am not sure to what extent was the humiliation but I did grow up being scolded by my teachers. Here are some of the punishments I received when I was in Elementary School.

  • I was asked to sit in the air because I was not sitting on my assigned seat
  • My hands were hit several times by a stick because I was playing at my desk and pretending it was a drum and used my hands as sticks.
  • My grade six teacher put “Madre de Cacao” sticks in my mouth because I was listed by my classmate as noisy (like a cigarette)
  • On the same year I was also asked by my grade six teacher to carry my arm chair and roam around the school campus because I couldn’t sit permanently in one place.

I tried complaining to my grandparents then but was told it was my fault. I felt bad then but didn’t complain since I knew from the start that what I did was wrong. The punishment was harsh but I thought then that I deserved it. I never did those things again. I graduated as the class salutatorian that time. Teachers don’t just teach us what’s written i n our books. They teach good manners and right conduct as well. They are our second parents. They should discipline us when they feel the need to do so.

Some parents now are over protective to their children. I understand that they love their children very much. However, they should realised that by teaching them the right manners and disciplining them will make them better people.

Those punishment that I got when I was young, made me better. I strived harder and ensure that I didn’t commit the same mistakes. I brought it with me while growing up. I went to high school and college and did pretty well at school. Found a job, started working and considered myself a good citizen of my country. Decided later on to work abroad, and here I am working in Dubai.

Life is never easy, you will encounter different trials. We have to be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. To face these trials we need proper support from our friends, family and teachers. The people around us make us better and stronger.

I hope the government will look into this case as I feel bad for the teacher. Not just for Teacher Melita but for all the teachers in general. It seems people gave forgotten that teachers are the reason why there are professionals in this world. If this case is overlooked, it will become a norm and more cases of students complaining about teachers abusing them will appear. If there are real abuses, then that should be reported. But I am afraid that even petty things will be used to complain about their teachers. Teachers discipline their students because they love them and want them to walk the right path. If teachers will be afraid to discipline their students, then our children won’t learn anything. Their future… our future… will be in danger.

Imagine these children growing up not fearing anyone and doing anything they want… Then run our country… What do you think will happen then?

I salute and respect all the teachers out there! Keep doing what is right and continue teaching and loving your students… To the government, please make a move and do something about this case! This doesn’t look good!

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