My Life in 2018 (First Half)

It’s already 2019 and I told myself to be more active on my blog posts. Last year, I rarely post on this blog simply because I got too busy or too lazy to write. This year, I promised to be more personal and post often. I kept thinking on what to post first, but couldn’t think of any recent highlight in my life. Thus, I decided to share my entire 2018 with you. 🙂

My Top Insta Photos in 2018

I welcomed 2018 with my friend and her family. As you are all aware I am The Lone Traveller and I love alone. 😉 That is why, I opted to spend the New Year with a good friend. She lives in Abu Dhabi and thus I had to travel to her house. In the morning of January 1, we travelled back to Dubai to meet our other close friends. We went to La Mer which was still under improvement at that time. A lot of shops were still not opened, but there were already decent restaurants. Since it was New Year’s day, there were a lot of people. It was hard for us to find a place to eat, but luckily, we found a vacant table at Le Pain Quotidien. It was nice to meet and talk about life. When you meet really good friends, I tell you, do not let them go. If they are busy, find time to talk to them and meet them. I owe my life in Dubai to these wonderful people. I think the word friendship has already evolved to family. I know that I can always rely on them and they to me.

January is my birth month and told myself in the past that no one would me more than myself. Thus, I have to always treat myself and ensure that I enjoy life to the fullest. 🙂 Before the year ended in 2017, I bought myself an advanced Birthday gift and Christmas gift – a Full Frame DSLR Nikon camera. I totally enjoy photography and I know I won’t regret buying that camera. 🙂

It was only in February that I got to celebrate my birthday with friends. I spent the weekend with different sets of friends. 😛 It was also during this month that a lady I met in Thailand last May 2017 messaged me and invited me to join her and her friends as she is in Dubai. We went to Ferrari World and the next day experienced Dubai Safari. It was a start of new friendship. 😀 During this month I was invited to experience Phobia Dubai. I was told that I could bring four more friends. Thus, I went with my colleagues. On one weekend I was supposed to visit Dubai Frame with friends. However, they cancelled and wanted to reschedule. Being The Lone Traveller, I don’t like cancelling commitments especially if I have already set my mind about that particular thing. I ended up going to the Zabeel Park alone and took some photos of the park and Dubai Frame. 😉

I can’t recall of the things I did in March last year. I remember going out for Lunch with Friends at the Off The Hook Restaurant in Deira. One of my friends went to the Philippines and one of our friends there sent a Starbucks Planner for me. I was so happy! I am not sure if you still remember, but I used to collect Starbucks planner and made it a Photo Diary Planner. Starbucks Ph has one of the best planners there is, thus I wanted to keep mine for a long time. To give me reason to keep it, I made it a photo diary. You can check my old post on this link –  In March as well, Pep & Yeye told me where I could buy gold at a really better rate. I bought several gold items and brought it to the Philippines for my family and friends.

April was supposed to be boring but thanks to MEFCC, it was one of the highlights of my 2018. MEFCC or Middle East Film & Comic Convention is an annual event in Dubai. As a cartoons and anime fan, I can’t let this event passed by without attending. I met a lot of cosplayers and some made connection in Instagram. I took a lot of good photos and really enjoyed a lot. I also got to see, Alodia and Will and The Flash himself or Credence of Fantastic Beast – Mr. Ezra Miller. Then I got featured at gulfnews. 🙂 😉

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After a year’s hard work, it was time to enjoy and have a vacation. My vacation was approved if I took it in May – during Ramadan. I had no problems having my vacation during Ramadan as long as I get to go home. However, I am hoping that this year I get to choose the dates. 🙂
My annual vacation is another highlight of my 2018. I got to spend it with my family and friends. I met a lot of my really good friends while I was in Davao. Me & my family went to Buda and spent a night there. Spending time with your family is a must. I also allocated time with my friends. I went to our province where I grew up. I visited a sick friend who was battling Cancer. She is gone now, but I know she is in a better place with our Father.

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Before returning to Dubai, I went to Singapore for almost a week. I met some friends there and met new ones. Singapore holds a special place in my heart since it is the first country I visited outside the Philippines. When I first visited it, I couldn’t believe myself and told myself that dreams do come true. Now, I can travel to different countries if I want (considering the budget of course 😉 ).

Here are some of my blog posts about my Singapore Trip:

Some time in June a good friend of mine (Che) invited me for a photoshoot. I thought it was a perfect time to practice since I haven’t done shoots in a while. She invited a friend to be a model. The shoot was very successful. We got to polish our talents and I think made us improve our craft. The first shoot was then followed by another shoot. She invited a colleague and I did the same. It was a fun shoot.

It was this time also that I finally tried this unique cafe in Dubai Mall wherein they use pots as holders of their cakes. Apparently you get to take the pot after eating the cake and they give you free seeds to plant. I got a rosy periwinkle seeds. By the end of 2018, my rosy periwinkle finally have a flower.. Yes, just A FLOWER – only one. lol 😉

Since it was summer in Dubai and was too hot, outdoor activities were not advisable. Thus, the government organised sports activity at the world trade centre. Its a fully air-conditioned facility where you can play soccer, volleyball, basket ball, table tennis, jogging, badminton, etc. Me and my colleagues tried playing badminton last year. 🙂

I actually want to write more but I am afraid I might finish this in another week or two. lol That is why, I’ll end this here. This will be the first part focussing on may 2018 First Half. I’ll try to finish the second half soon… very soon… lol

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