A Family Day at BEMWA


I lived in Davao City for a long time but was not able to explore some of its wonderful places.  When I had the chance last May, me and my family decided to explore some great places in Buda area.  You might be wondering what is Buda. Well, it is actually a road that links Bukidnon and Davao.  I was also surprised to know that there are now tourist spots along this area. One of the famous places that people visit nowadays is BEMWA Farm.  It is located at Barangay Salumay, Marilog District, Davao City.

BEMWA is actually an acronym for Berwin, Eugene, Marlo, Weldy and Aimee who are friends and decided to put up the farm.  The entrance fee to BEMWA is only Fifty Pesos (<1 USD), and it consumable.  Meaning, you can use your ticket to buy things at the farm, a sort of minimum spend.  They sell several items like veggies, salad dressings, snacks, etc.


The farm is not actually big, and you’d be able to roam around in just a couple of hours.  If you are a city person, then you might actually be amazed at what you will be seeing – flowers, veggies, trees, etc.  However, if you grew up in a farm (like me) then this is just a normal place for us.  It’s good to somehow reminisce the things we used to see and feel when we were young. 😉


I also like the weather as it is somehow colder compared to the weather in the city.  Seeing greens around you makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. I think it’s best to bring children to farms like this so that they’d be able to see REAL PLANTED FLOWERS and VEGGIES.  Most of the kids now don’t have any idea about farming and are more interested in online games, fb, mobile games, etc.

This will give them the opportunity to appreciate nature and its beauty.  Perhaps for us adults the perfect time to educate them on how to take care of our environment. What you see in this place are things you rarely see in the city.  Look at the above flowers! I just hope we can go back to our olden days when we still plant flowers in our backyards or gardens.


BEMWA is a beautiful place and as tourists, we should be careful when moving around.  We should watch our steps and avoid stepping on the planted veggies and flowers.  I noticed a lot of tourists who actually didn’t care that they stepped on the flowers or veggies.  Some of them even went over the fence just to have that insta-perfect photo.

The farm owners created small pathways where visitors can use to walk around have photos taken.  There is no need to go in the middle of the flowers and stepped on some of the flowers just you could have the being-surrounded-by-flowers photo.  😉 Check some of the above photos we took. In the event that we also stepped on the veggies & flowers accidentally, our sincere apologies.

Aside from individual photos, please ensure you have photos with your entire family in this farm.  Nothing beats a souvenir for a wonderful memory you have created. 🙂

I also created a video to show how beautiful the farm is and how enjoyable it is to visit with your family. 🙂


Till next time friends…


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