Singapore Chinatown & The Best Way to Enjoy it

Buda-1-24A trip in Singapore will never be complete without a visit to Chinatown. While it is historically the area of settlement for many Chinese immigrants who arrived in the then-British colony, you’d be surprised to find other cultural gems in this area.  There are a lot of goo & cheap food, it is near to several tourist spots, and this is one of the hippest places in Singapore.

Here are some of the things you’d enjoy doing in Singapore Chinatown

1. Exploring the Street Market


Like all other places, visiting a local street market is a must.  This is where you’ll find cheap stuff that you could bring back home.  These busy streets encapsulate all the sights and sounds visitors expect of Chinatown, with hundreds of stalls selling everything from silk robes to lucky cats. Remember to haggle with a smile if you want the best price.

2. Buying Souvenir Items

This is the best place to buy souvenir items for family and friends back home.  They just don’t have the coolest and nicest products but the cheapest as well. Feast your eyes to the variety of cool items to buy here.  You’d end up spending too much time choosing which one to buy.

3. A Gastronomical Journey @ Food Street

The Chinatown Food Street is the perfect place to eat while you are in Chinatown. Chicken rice, laksa, chilli crab, bak kut teh, roast duck, etc are just some of the dishes you can find  in Food Street. Here you can choose from a variety of famous local dishes and beverages, and fill yourself up after roaming around Chinatown.

4. A Glimpse of Buddhism at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Inside Chinatown, you’d also find the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It is a remarkable four-story temple. You’d be stunned when you enter this place because of the beautiful main hall and its high ceiling.  Most visitors want to see the solid gold two-metre stupa on the fourth floor which is the place where the sacred relic is kept. There is also a pagoda that has a large prayer wheel which can be found up to the roof.  The temple is built in a style based on the Buddhist mandala and integrated with the Buddhism of the Tang dynasty.

5.  Appreciating the Buddhism way of Worship

I am a Christian and I respect other people’s belief and faith.  It amazes me to see people put their heart when they worship their Supreme Being.  We may have different beliefs but we are human beings living in the same planet and thus we have to learn to love and appreciate each other.  Peace can only be obtained if we learn to respect and accept each others belief.

5.  Photoshoot with the best Backgrounds

Since the place is filled with stores and tourists, you’d end up appreciating the various things you see around.  The colours, the people, the things, the sound, every thing.  If you love taking pictures, you’d enjoy street photography here.  Doing photoshoots is also recommended in this place.  Imagine in your OOTD with the various people on the background.  Imagine yourself infront of the colourful buildings… Imagine yourself with the unique items you see every where… Unique photo + good outfit + good photographer = INSTA WORTHY PHOTO. lol

There are other things that I wasn’t able to do in Chinatown and places I wasn’t able to visit.  If you go to Chinatown anytime soon, aside from the above things I mentioned you might want to consider visiting also the following:

  1.  Nus Baba House –  157 Neil Road, Chinatown, Singapore, 88883, Singapore
  2. Thian Hock Keng Temple – 158 Telok Ayer Street, Chinatown, Singapore, 68613, Singapore
  3. Sri Mariamman Temple – 244 South Bridge Road, Chinatown, Singapore, 58793, Singapore
  4. Keong Saik Road – Keong Saik Road, Chinatown, Singapore, Singapore
  5. The Pinnacle at Duxton Skybridge – 1 Cantonment Road, Chinatown, Singapore, 80001, Singapore
  6. Ann Siang Hill – Ann Siang Road, Chinatown, Singapore, Singapore
  7. Everton Park – Neil Road, Chinatown, Singapore, Singapore

Here’s a short video of a day well spent in Chinatown Singapore… Enjoy!


See you next time…

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