Chasing the Sea of Clouds

Sonnen Berg

The Sonnenberg (700 meters above sea level) is the “small” local mountain to the north of Kriens, Switzerland.  However, you’d be surprised to know that if you google it, the top searches will bring you to the Philippines.  And it is not another mountain in the Philippines with the same name.  It is actually a mountain resort’s name.

Last May, my cousins suggested that we visit this new tourist destination.  It seems like those who live in Davao and want to experience life outside the city, often go to Buda for relaxation and dropping by Sonnen Berg Mountain View Resort is a must.  Since it was my annual vacation in the Philippines, we decided to have a family outing in Buda and the first stop would be the Sonnen Berg Mountain View.

The highlight of this resort is the Sea of Clouds that you see early in the morning.  Thus, we had to wake up early and left Davao to travel to Buda.  Everyone in the family were very excited. However, we didn’t thought that the travel would be too long and while on our way, we realised that the sun was already rising.  We were worried that we might not see the Sea of Clouds.  Thus, we call our trip “Chasing the Sea of Clouds” coz’ that was the main purpose why we included Sonnen Berg in our itinerary that day.

Luckily, though the sun had already risen when we arrived, it was still the perfect time as the Sea of Clouds was very visible. When we got there each of us took out our cameras and smartphones to take photos of the enchanting view of the mountains covered by the sea of clouds.

We then had solo poses of the picture-perfect view of the Sea of Clouds. Can you see our happy faces? lol  If you have been living in the city, make sure to also go out once in a while and experience nature.  Organise family outings and see the beauty of the mountains, the sea, the river and other nature spots.  I bet, you’d be appreciating life more.  When you have activities like this with your family, you also strengthen the bond among each other.  Let us all remember that a family will always be a family.  Whatever happens to us, our family will always be there.  It is good to spend some time with your family. 🙂

Fam PhotoFam Photo 2

By the way, I only get to do this once a year as I am working abroad. Going back home every year allows me to refresh and recharge.  I don’t think I’d be able to survive working abroad if I was not allowed to go home every year.  This is one of the things I look forward every year and the reason I am working hard.. 🙂

Going back to Sonnen Berg, it was a great place however, I highly recommend that you go there during weekdays or off peak season.  We went there on a holiday so that everyone could join, thus there were also a lot of visitors.  Did you notice them on the first photo?  We paid 50 pesos per person just to enter the viewing deck.  There is a small pool.  I guess you have to pay additional amount if you wanted to use it.  The place is small and can get easily crowded.  Aside from the beautiful view, there is nothing special with the amenities. The pool looks ordinary and you don’t want go swimming there while a lot of people just go there to have a photo taken.  You might become there photo subject instead. lol

If you want to go swimming , go somewhere else and make Sonnen Berg just a stop over. You just need 30 minutes in the area for photo ops.  As long as the Sea of Clouds is visible then it would be worth it.  I am not sure how the place would look like with out it.  That should be the highlight of this trip.  Again, please go there early in the morning to see the Sea of Clouds.  I guess it would have been better for us had we seen the sun rise.

Watch out for my next post about our next stop… The BEMWA FARM…


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