Platform 1094: A Harry Potter Themed Cafe in Singapore

platform1094-1-4As a Harry Potter fan, I always get excited when I learn of places that feature Harry Potter.  When I visit new places I also try to check if there are Harry Potter Stores / Cafes around.  Last month, I went to Singapore and I did not let the opportunity escape by googling Harry Potter stores / cafes. Boom! There’s one at Serangoon Road. 🙂

As soon as I found out about this Harry Potter cafe, I automatically included this on my places to visit during my stay.  Fortunately, my friend offered to take me to this place after our Johor Bahru tour.   Though we were a bit tired after travelling from Johor Bahru we took the Metro from Kranji station to Toa Payoh station.  Then, instead of taking the bus we opted for Grab.  It became easier to find Platform 1094. 🙂

The outside design doesn’t seem impressive.  There’s nothing special.  I am not sure if they intended it that way. Some sort of “ala-diagon-alley-thing”.  The cafe doesn’t fit in the neighborhood as well.  I wonder why they put it here… hmmm.. If you knew the answer, please comment below. 😀

When we entered the cafe, my doubts were removed.  The cafe looks really nice.  Wizard/Magic/Witch related items are incorporated in the design of the entire cafe.  I can’t say it is entirely Harry Potter related since I noticed some inconsistencies in the design.  I guess the owners are also hesitant to claim it as a Harry Potter cafe without asking permission from the Harry Potter rights holders.

When we went inside, there were already some customers eating but not that many. It seems to me that most of them went just to experience the cafe and its theme.  A lot of them were taking selfies and were wearing costumes – courtesy of the cafe.  You can actually wear robes while eating or have your wand beside you. I took Voldemort’s wand and use it as props for my photos. lol

Me and my friend ordered the following.


Crab Meat Aglio Olio.  My friend ordered this one and was somehow disappointed.  It was not mentioned in the menu that this would be too spicy and she didn’t like it.  I tried it and it was not as good as it supposed to be.  This was suggested by one of the staffs as their best seller. We wondered what made i t best seller.  Perhaps other like the spiciness of this dish. The cost – SGD17.



platform1094-1-3Sweet Treats of the Wizardry World.  I ordered this because I was not hungry and was looking for something sweet.  This was also recommended by one of the staffs.  I forgot her name and again she mentioned this is one of their best sellers.  She also pointed me to the cashier area to see how it looks like before I would decide.  When I saw it, I was impressed.  True enough, the cake is instagrammable.  It’s very beautiful that you don’t want to eat it.  And in reality turns out to be the SAME. There’s nothing special in the cake.  The could have worked on the taste of the cake.  It tasted bland and the cake was dry.  It was just good for the picture.  The cost – SGD12.


Mrs. Lich’s Butterscotch Ale.  Now, I like this one.  This is my fave from this cafe.  It was good.  It’s hard to explain the taste but it tasted weird and delicious.  I just like it.  I think this is their version of butterbeer. The cost SGD10.


If you are a Harry Potter fan then I would recommend you coming to this cafe, just to satisfy your cravings for anything Harry-Potter-Related-Things. If you are a food critic and always looking for restaurants or cafes that serve good food, then I am not sure if you’d like this cafe.  I can’t speak on your behalf as I didn’t like two of the things we ordered. Perhaps the other dishes on the menu taste better.  You can just give it a try. Anyway, the cafe itself is more than enough reason for you to visit. 😉

Also, this cafe is on the expensive side. Just bring enough cash or credit card when you come here.

Here are some photos I took:



If you wish to visit Platform 1094, here are the details:

Address: 1094 Serangoon Road, Rochor, Singapore
Phone Number: 62046003

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