Davao’s Hidden Gem: Kiraku

kiraku-1Whenever I have my annual vacation in Davao City, I always make sure that I visit new restaurants.  It amazes me to see new restaurants in the city.  It also makes me happy to have a lot of new options to eat.  This year, I was surprised to see a trend of Chinese & Japanese Restaurants in the city.  However, what stood out among the restaurants I’ve seen and tried is this little restaurant or bistro in Cabantian Road called – KIRAKU!

KIRAKU means “chill” and “relax”. They opened last September 01, 2015.  For the past two years they have already gained a following of both Japanese & Pinoy customers.  They serve household traditional Japanese cuisine.  This restaurant is owned by Mr. Kejie and Mrs. Joan Iwata.


My two friends highly recommended this restaurant.  They’ve been telling me that this is different from other Japanese restaurants in the city.  I thought they were exaggerating.  I guess they were not.  When we visited Kiraku, we were entertained by the lovely couple Ms. Joan and Chef Kejie.  My friends already knew what to choose, thus I let them decide which food to order.


We ordered Chige Ramen, Tonkatsu Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Gyoza and Katsudon.  The food looks ordinary but as the saying goes – “Do not judge the book by its cover”.  😀  My order was “Katsudon” which is totally different from the Katsudons I’ve tasted.  I love the tenderness of the meat which means it was easy to eat and chew.  The egg perfectly blended the rice and meat.  It was not too salty and just right for my taste.  I really like how the three components (rice, meat, egg) complement each other.  I also tried the “Tonkatsu Ramen”.  The noodles were perfectly cooked. If it was spaghetti, I would say – it was al dente! 😉 – and the taste? mmmm – yummmmmmyyy! 😀 😛 Three of us shared the Gyoza and Okonomiyaki and we all love them!

tonkatsu Ramen

Taste wise, there is nothing to change. However, since we are in the social media age it would help a lot if they improve the presentation of their dishes. 🙂  Nothing wrong with having a simple presentation as long as it tastes good.  But, they would easily convince prospective customers to visit them if they see appealing food on instagram or other social media sites. 😉

There are still a lot of items on their menu which I think need to be tried.  If you happen to love Japanese food, please ensure to visit Kiraku at Cabantian Road.  You won’t regret it! 😉 The mere fact that Japanese in Davao City visit Kiraku regularly proves that they serve real and delicious Japanese dishes. 😀

What are you waiting for? Visit Kiraku now! 😀

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