The Middle East Film & Comic Convention (MEFCC) 2018

Every year, I always look forward to attending the Comic Con here in Dubai.  When I first arrived in Dubai and found out about Comic Con, I already promised myself to attend.

MEFCC 2018

with Mr. MEFCC

My first Comic Con was in 2015 and it was very surprising.  It was not just my first Comic Con in Dubai but my REAL FIRST COMIC CON ever!  It was actually really good coz I didn’t expect anything and was blown away by the event!   You can check my blog for my first Comic Con at  The 2015 MEFCC has set my standards high for the succeeding Comic Cons.

The next year, I again attended but that time I was with two of my colleagues who also like animes and stuff.  It was more fun since I was with some friends.  We enjoyed every moment during the event and took a lot of photos.  The three of us are very fond of photography and thus we went home full of nice memories & photos.  We also saw Sir Jamie Lanister of the Game of Thrones.  Here’s a glimpse of what we did in 2016 –

On my third year, I was alone again but met familiar faces.  There were several cosplayers I’ve already met during my first two Comic Cons.  I still enjoyed seeing cosplayers and celebrity guests.  I think attending my first Comic Con gave me a standard on how Comic Cons should be. Thus, I expected each year to be better than the previous years.  2017 Comic Con was good but not better than 2015.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the event and took some great photos of the event; see them here –

This year, I attended again and wasn’t really expecting anything.  I just wanted to see the cosplayers and the exhibits.  I also wanted to see the invited celebrities.  As mentioned in my previous blogs, having photos taken with a celebrity is a bit costly.  Thus, every year I just opted to be somewhere close and take a photo of them.  However, this year was special.  One of the celebrities – no less than THE FLASH himself – Mr. EZRA MILLER walked around to meet some people.  Fortunately for me, I noticed him walking and talking to some people. So I rushed and had my go pro rollin.  Having photos or video with a hollywood actor doesn’t happen everyday.  This will one for the books – My Book of Life. lol

with Ezra Miller


I also noticed that there were lesser cosplayers who came.  I  think those who joined that competition are the only ones who took seriously their costumes.  Unlike the previous years, there were others who came and wore their best costumes without joining the competition.  I was there from 11am to 11pm and somehow felt something was lacking.  The cosplay thing lacked excitement.  However, I think I met some of the best cosplayers that day!

I also met the Queen of Cosplay herself – Alodia Gosiengfiao and her vlogger beau – Will DasovichI was always hesitant to pay for an autograph but who cares, it was once in a lifetime experience.  I paid AED50 for a signed Alodia Poster and a photo with her.  🙂 After several minutes, Will came to judge the cosplay competition.  No payment needed for Will but I had to go through the waves of fans wanting a photo with him as well.  Luckily, I was able to have a selfie with him.  This couple look amazing and seeing them support each other is inspiring.  If you were not aware, Will got sick and Alodia stuck by his side until he recovered.

The best thing about this year are the exhibits and stores.  There a lot of things you can buy.  It became a shopping avenue for anime/manga/comics/movie fanatics like me.  I actually spent more that what I thought I’d spend that day.  lol

After the event I realised that I should have bought some stuff.  When you walk around and compute the amount of money you’ve spent, you tend to hold yourself from buying more stuff.  Then, when I got home I realised that I really wanted those items I saw.  🙂

The freebies given by exhibitors were also good.  Netflix brought with them the entire spaceship of “Lost in Space” – a new series.  Just have a photo taken and post it on instagram then you’ll get fee t-shirt, poster, playing cards, bag, etc.  Free candies were also given if you take a tour of the space ship.  You will be given a special ID created during that day with netflix lanyard.  Rani was again present and constantly gave free juices to all visitors.  Laban was also there offering free drinks as well.  Uber were giving notebooks, pins and posters to passers by of their booth.  Daman Active Life’s booth allow you to play a game and be given medals, trophies and super hero cape.  I got a cape coz’ I went there late. 😉  The Zoom Arena gave guests a chance to have their own comics.  Didn’t get mine coz’ there were a lot on queue every time I went there.

The celebrities line up this year is good considering that EZRA was there.  Him alone has beaten the previous Comic Cons.  HE IS FLASH! That’s it! No further explanation. lol.  Anyway, he is also accompanied by some of the good names in the industry like Karl Urban, Kristian Nairm, Jenna Coleman, Gaku Space and Jason David Frank. In the International Artist Alley, guests got the chance to meet several artists as well. Robbie Daymond, Ray Chase, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Max Mittelman and Christian Howard were there.  Some of the casts of “Lost in Space” were also present during the Comic Con but I wasn’t able to see them. I got so busy roaming around and taking photos of the event. 😉

A few days after the event, a friend of mine asked me if I knew some Pinoy Cosplayers  who attended the Comic Con.  I told him that I only took photos and I am not even sure if they were Pinoys or not.  There were some cosplayers who I think are Pinoys but was not sure.  He mentioned that they are writing an article for Gulf News and asked me if I would be willing to answer some questions.  I just responded to his questions and referred one really good cosplayer who I happen to follow on instagram.

Earlier today, my friend sent me the link of the published article. When I read it, it was good but I was a bit embarrassed.  My photo with Alodia was there, though I agreed for it to be used. I didn’t realise I would feel this way looking at it on another site – not just any site but a news site.  I told some friends and didn’t plan to post it on my facebook page.  However, a friend convinced me coz’ it’s something to be proud of.  Well, I think yeah! Imagine, there were a lot of people in the Comic Con and I got the chance to be chosen as one of the very few people featured on that site. hahaha.  When I posted it on my facebook page, a few hours ago I was instantly teased by everyone who were online.  I’m still getting messages while writing this.  However, the feeling of embarrassment has now disappeared. The teasing were actually in a positive way, and some even congratulated me. Whoah!

I am also sharing it on this post to remember this day as the day I made it to the NEWS! lol

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.16.55 PM

The overall experience of this year’s Comic Con is still very satisfying! I will still attend next year’s event and again hope that I’d be able to attend wearing my costume.  I need to get that confidence up to wear costumes. lol

See you next year Comic Con!!!

Enjoy this video I made

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