Journey to the Sleeping Dinosaur Island

As a proud Davaoeno, I always try to promote places in my hometown. One of the most talked about tourist destinations now in Davao Oriental is the Sleeping Dinosaur Island.  It is said that the island resembles a shape of a Plesiosaur in deep sleep.  You must have seen photos of travellers with the Sleeping Dinosaur behind them.  However, did you know that you can actually go to the island and enjoy its beauty?

Dinosaur Island

This is the photo of the island taken from the highway or viewing deck.  This was taken last year (2016) when I had my annual vacation.

This year, I made sure that I got the chance to go to that sleeping dinosaur and do some trekking.  For me who is from Davao Oriental, going there was not a problem as I only rode a motorcycle with some friends.  If you are from outside Davao Oriental, here are ways on how to get there:

If you are from Manila / Cebu:

  • Book a plane from Manila/Cebu to Davao.
  • When you are in Davao, go to the Davao Ecoland Transport Terminal
  • Take a bus going to Mati City (approximately 165 kilometers, or about 4 hours trip). Cost is around Php200 only (per trip) for an airconditioned bus.
  • Another option is to take a van (also in the Ecoland Terminal), but I discourage this option.
  • You may tell the bus driver or bus conductor to drop you off at Badas Point in Dawan – you can also say  “Viewing Deck of the Sleeping Dinosaur”.

If you are happy with a photo of the island behind you, then you may proceed to Mati and check out the beaches. You may also visit the Subangan Museum in Mati City or the nearby Islands and Municipalities.

However, to fully experience the Sleeping Dinosaur Island the locals have made a way for tourist to visit the island by trekking.  From the Badas Point View Deck, you may ask the people to point you on how to go to the Island itself.  There is only one way and signages are everywhere.  This is going to be a long walk so be prepared to bring bottles of water.  You only have to pay 10 pesos – sort of an environmental fee.


Don’t forget to bring cameras as the view from the deck going to the island is just fascinating. You better capture each moment you have while travelling.  If you are a city boy/girl then this kind of experience is once in a lifetime that needs to be treasured.  You’ll also encounter the locals who live nearby and get a chance to talk to them and see how their life can be so simple yet satisfying to them.


 If you know someone from Davao Oriental and can travel via Motorcycle then you can take the other way.  You may ask directions again from the people in the View Deck.  This will be a lot easier since you can go directly to the foot of the hill and will have to walk from there.  (This is the option/way we took)

To show you you guys my journey to the Sleeping Dinosaur Island, here’s a video I created. 😉 😛

I totally enjoyed my trip there and hope to do it again next year.  I hope to explore other areas of this Island.  Once I got to the top, I felt like I was in a totally different place.  I grew up in Davao Oriental spending most of my younger years but didn’t get the chance to visit this place.  I wish I had the opportunity to visit this place before.  If I found this place really amazing, I wonder how would I feel 20 years ago.


Sometimes we tend to ignore the beauty of our surroundings when we know that they are just there and we could always visit them anytime.  However, we should always remind ourselves that time passes by and people & places change.  Therefore, we should always explore and learn to appreciate what is around us.

Imagine it took me 33 years to visit this place when in fact I could have gone there when I was younger. It took me to live and work in another country to appreciate the beauty of my own country.  So, to my kababayans out there… Love the Philippines and be proud of our country. Be proud of your province. Be proud of your mountains. Be proud of our seas and beaches.

I may be earning more here in the UAE but I always want to go back home and spend my old age there.  I would love to still see its beauty as I grow older.  I wish the younger generation would help preserve the beauty of our country.

The Philippines is a country of more than 7,000 islands and the Sleeping Dinosaur Island is one them.  Imagine the beauty of the other 7,000+ islands.

Come… Visit the Philippines… Experience the Philippines… Feel the Love of the Philippines.. coz’ it’s more fun in the Philippines… 🙂

8 thoughts on “Journey to the Sleeping Dinosaur Island

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    • Hi! Hindi po… no need naman ang guide kasi madami naman pwede pagtanungan pag nakababa ka na.. tsaka isang daan lang naman ang trail paakyat. 😀

      I’m not sure if meron pa other ways.. kasi kuntento na ako na naka akyat ng kunti. 😉 😀 😛

  2. Hello po sir! I just wanna ask po if anong pwede masakyan papunta sa foot ng hill and how much ang fair from Badas Point? And ilang minutes ang travel from highway papuntang foot ng hill? Thank you.

    • Motorcycle is the perfect sasakyan papuntang foot hill. No idea about the fare kasi may sarili kaming dala at that time eh
      if may sasakyan ka maybe 10 to 20 minutes papuntang foot hill. mabilis lang.

      pero pwede naman lakarin din. 😁😁😁
      i think mas masaya yun lalo na pag marami kau.

      • Thank you so much. Pero meron bang mga motorsiklo na nakaabang doon? Van kasi yung dala namin. And I doubt kung makakapasok doon yung van papuntang foot hill. Ano po sa tingin ninyo sir?

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