I felt Spark at SPARK!


Everytime I go home and have my annual vacation, I always make sure to try new restaurants, cafes and coffee shops around the city.  I always ask my friends to recommend places to visit and enjoy some time chatting.

My friend “Binibining Ulep” suggested that we try SPARK Coffee + Crafts at Marfori Heights, Davao City. I checked its FB page and found the place cute, artsy and the food presentable.  When we got there, there were around four people (group of 3 and 1 person) in the shop.

The place is a bit small, and the design is very simple.  It’s not overly decorated which fits well its size.  I really like the simplicity of the place with a touch of rustic style.  The whole place is not that instagram worthy, but if you sat at the center and / or at the SPARK word wall, then you’ve got the best instagram worthy spot. 😉


We only ordered the Iced Matcha, Matcha Freak Shake and a cup of coffee.  I like the matcha freak shake. It looks and tastes delicious.  This is around Php 170.  I could flood my insta feed with its photos. Check them out below:

Even DANBO agrees and also love the freakshake.

I like the shake, but the not much with the cake.  Something is missing. I think I was looking for the Matcha taste of the cake.  I am not sure if the shake has overpowered its taste that’s why I couldn’t appreciate the taste of the cake. Though, it doesn’t taste bad.  It was actually okay.  I would really recommend this shake to all matcha lovers out there.  🙂

They also sell some craft stuff as they schedule crafts activities every now and then.  Check their FB page and you might want to attend in one of their events. 😉


The place is perfect for a little chit chatting. We actually stayed there for around three hours. 😛 😀 The place is so cozy that you end up being too comfortable with your friends and can just talk anything you want.  However, if there would be more customers, I think the place would be too crowded. As mentioned, the place is small and having too many people inside will not be ideal. 🙂

I am glad that there were only a few of us that day. 🙂

Till next time SPARK!



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