The Middle East Film & Comic Convention 2017

This is my third year attending the Middle East Film & Comic Convention (MEFCC) in Dubai.  I was expecting a lot of things during the event and was a bit disappointed.  Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this year’s event and will definitely attend next year’s comic con.  Hopefully, the organisers will take into consideration what real comiccon fans want.

Let me share my observations about the MEFCC 2017.  You may also check my 2015 & 2016 MEFCC blog posts.

It is in the same location as year’s event (Zabeel Hall). I went there on Friday (07 April).  I bought the regular 1 day pass ticket.  However, I was a bit disappointed to find out  on site that there was a VIP Ticket for 1 day.  I asked MEFCC FB page if they’d be selling a VIP ticket for 1 day and they told me that they wouldn’t.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 6.06.21 PM.png

Had I known earlier that there would be a VIP ticket for one day, I would have bought it instead. 😦  It seems MEFCC organisers were not as organised as they should be this year.  MEFCC started in 2014 and they’ve been doing it once a year since then.  Every year should be better than the previous year, however based on my 3 year attendance – it’s the other way around.  It’s not that bad, but my first MEFCC experience (2015) is still by far the best one.

This year, it seems the organisers focused on the business side. There were more shops, stores, cafes, and anything that you have to pay something.  I don’t mind it, I actually love seeing stores where I can buy my favorite action figures. However, it seems that the entire convention has become an anime store / shop.  Perhaps the modern day comic convention is actually more focused on how organisers could earn profit.

Luckily, there were a lot of Comic / Anime fans in the Middle East.  They came wearing amazing costumes.  I totally enjoyed interacting with a lot of them. It was like like watching my favorite anime series live. A big thank you to those fans who made the effort to wear their costumes. You guys are the best.  Let me share my favorite Cosplayers this year’s MEFCC.

And the ones that occupied my TOP COSPLAYERS this year are:


The Woman Joker




Doc Ock






Comic Con won’t be comic con if we are not to meet the artists that made Comics possible.  Here are some of them:

I really love taking photos of the cosplayers but i love it more if I am with them. 😉

Also, I understand that getting celebrity guests is quite expensive and somehow organisers need to get back what they are spending.  Paid photo ops and autographs are fine, but I think the cost is quite expensive.  It’s actually more expensive than your 1 day ticket pass. I would love to have photos taken with the celebrities but didn’t have enough cash with me. 😉

I have lots of complain and I hope next year would be better.  I would definitely still attend since I really had fun this year.  MEFCC organisers, please make MEFCC2018  better than this year and the previous years…  Please organise the event thinking about COMIC CONVENTION + THE FANS and not just MONEY. 🙂

If FANS were happy, CASH would follow…  We don’t mind spending as long as we are satisfied. 😀 😉

Here’s my MEFCC2017 video…


See you next year. #MEFCC2018


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