My Photoshop Class

On 16 September I posted something on my facebook wall. I think it also deserve a space here in wordpress.



I’ve been using photoshop since 2003 (as part of our College’ yearbook staff), but didn’t really have a formal training on how to use it. Thanks to my early mentors Ryan & Emie. Then, explored it a bit when i was working in a publishing company – thanks to Master Carol😉

Most of the time I only used photoshop to do some amateur lay out designs for tarps, collages, minor adjustments of some photos (curves/levels,cloning only). I had no idea how to really post process a photo.

I thought my PS knowledge was enough, but thanks to the convincing power of Wheng & Che we decided to enroll in the Advance Photoshop class of MTA – Pinoy Group. Then, I realized I still have so much to learn.

Waking up at 8am was a challenge but my eagerness to learn made me want to go to school.  Imagine.. most of my photography classmates had already known how to post process their shots, so I felt the need to improve myself in order to be at par with them. 😀

Finally, graduated with flying colours last 9 September… So thank you Sir Ardee for your time teaching us… There were only a few of us left at the end of the term but staying till the end was worth it. Thank you as well for recognising what I did during the class. Proud to say that I was never late and never missed a day in class. wahaha.

Sharing to you the final product from my PS class (the above photo). I am not the best, I still need to improve but I’ve definitely learned a lot. 😀



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