Stay Strong Davao!

PrayforDavaoWhen terrorism acts happened in various countries around the world, I felt bad and sad.  Praying for this act to stop has been part of my daily prayer. Cliche as it may sound, but I always pray for World Peace.

However, last Friday (Sept. 2) was different.  The Philippines has again experienced another terrorism act.  And this is not just any city in the Philippines, but my hometown – Davao City.  I felt really bad and got teary-eyed while watching some videos and photos posted on facebook.  Now, I know how it feels when it happens to a place very close to your heart.

Before I go into details of what I feel right now, let me tell you about the incident.  At around 10:30-11:00PM last Friday (Philippine Time).  A blast was heard at Roxas Street – this is the place where our famous Night Market is located.  Imagine the number of people there.  According to the news, the bomb was left near the massage area.  The Roxas Night Market is not just famous for the different street food, but also for its really good massage therapists.  (This is one of the programmes of the local government to provide jobs for its citizens.  They train locals and give them permit to do massage therapy on the streets / parks (only designated area by the government)). 

I used to go to Roxas Market with my friends.  This is one of the places in Davao where we gather to eat, buy some stuff, have a  massage and have fun.  Why would they do this to people who are just enjoying life? My heart bleeds everytime I see the news and pictures of the victims.

When the bomb exploded the very first who got hit are some of the therapists who were just doing their jobs to earn a living.  Davao is known to be the safest city in the Philippines because of our Mayor’s city policies.  Whoever did this, has only one objective. That is to tell everyone that there is no safe city.

According to the reports ( 14 are confirmed dead and 71 were injured.  Immediately after the incident, the President declared State of Lawlessness and described the attack as an act of terrorism.

I intended to post something yesterday, but just didn’t have the strength to write something… Until now I still don’t know what to say.

But.. One thing I’ve proven, the love of my fellow Davaoenos is stronger than any act of terrorism.  I love seeing post of people encouraging each other online.  I love how each of my kababayans (countrymen) show support to each other.  I love how this incident has made all of us stronger.

Terrorism is not just a problem of rich countries like the USA, France, etc… This is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed.  This is not only the problem of our government, it is our problem as well. So, to everyone, be vigilant.  Let us support all programs of our government to stop terrorism or prevent it from happening.

Despite all that is happening, our President has shown no weakness.  He has been there immediately after the incident and has been consoling the family of all the victims.  My vote for this man surely didn’t go waste. I’ve got more than what I hoped for in a president.

Let me share this article from GMANews showing how our President love and care for his people

A man who kisses the dead only does that to the person he loves dearly.  Our President who has been subject to controversies because of his Campaign against Drugs is the only Government Official in our country who truly cares and love his people. That is why THE LOUD MAJORITY of the PHILIPPINES wholeheartedly support him.

I am praying for my country, for my city, for my President and for Peace…

People… Can we kindly give PEACE a CHANCE?

5 thoughts on “Stay Strong Davao!

  1. oh this makes me mad to – and sorry to hear about the injured and killed.
    and you are so right – these horrid folks do not discriminate on who they target – and I still hope for peace too. Sending good thoughts and prayers to all impacted… xoooo


  2. I am praying with you and the rest of our kabayans. This is a horribly nightmare to all Davaoenos. #prayfordavao #staystrongdavao

    • Prayer is our strongest weapon…

      I know this is just a test from God and He always has great plans for all of us.

      Praying for everybody to remain strong and have faith in God. 🙂

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