List of Pokemons Found in Dubai

With the Craze over Pokemon Go, I’ve decided to make a list of the Pokemons that I’ve seen around Dubai.  Here’s the list that I’ve come up with the help of some online Friends (@Ray4488 & friends in Reddit)

  1. Bulbasaur: JBR, Marina, (egg)
  2. Ivysaur: —
  3. Venusaur: —
  4. Charmander: Tecom(rare), Media City, JBR, Bur Dubai, Banyas Square, Business Bay, Burjuman, MCC, Marina, Kite Beach, Mirdif City Centre
  5. Charmeleon: Silicon Oasis (rare)
  6. Charizard: —
  7. Squirtle: Palm Jumeira, JBR, Marina, (egg)
  8. Wartortle: JBR(rare), Marina(rare), JLT (rare)
  9. Blastoise: —
  10. Caterpie: Palm Jumeira, Marina, JBR, Marina
  11. Metapod: —
  12. Butterfree: Media City (rare)
  13. Weedle: Media City, JBR, Marina
  14. Kakuna: —
  15. Beedrill: —
  16. Pidgey: Tecom, Barsha, Greens, JBR, Media City, Zabeel Park, Motor City, Marina, IMPZ, Burjuman, Rigga, Deira City Centre, Zabeel Park
  17. Pidgeotto: Tecom (rare), Media City, JBR, Marina, Burjuman, Rigga
  18. Pidgeot: Media City (rare), JBR (rare), Marina (rare), Burjuman
  19. Rattata: Tecom, Greens, Barsha, JBR, Media City, Palm Jumeira, Zabeel Park, Motor City, Marina, IMPZ, Rigga, Burjuman, MOE, Zabeel Park
  20. Raticate: Greens (rare), JBR, Marina
  21. Spearow: Media City, Marina, JBR, Marina, MOE, Silicon Oasis, Burjuman
  22. Fearow: Media City (rare), JBR (rare), Marina (rare)
  23. Ekans: Tecom, Greens, Media City, JBR, Palm Jumeira, Barsha, Marina, IMPZ, Burjuman, Deira City Centre
  24. Arbok: Media City (rare), Marina (rare), Emaar Square, JBR(Rare), Marina (rare)
  25. Pikachu: Meadows
  26. Raichu: —
  27. Sandshrew: Tecom, Greens, Media City, JBR, Barsha, Motor City, Marina, IMPZ, Burjuman, Rigga
  28. Sandslash: Media City (rare), JBR(rare), Marina(rare)
  29. Nidoran(f): —
  30. Nidorina: —
  31. Nidoqueen: —
  32. Nidoran(m): Palm Jumeira, Greens, JBR
  33. Nidorino: —
  34. Nidoking: —
  35. Clefairy: (egg)
  36. Clefable: —
  37. Vulpix: JBR, Greens, Media City, Jafliya Metro Station
  38. Ninetails: Media City (rare)
  39. Jigglypuff: JBR, Deira, IMPZ
  40. Wigglytuff: —
  41. Zubat: Tecom, Greens, Media City, JBR, Marina, Palm Jumeira, Barsha, Motor City, Burjuman
  42. Golbat: Media City (rare), Burjuman (rare)
  43. Oddish: Palm Jumeira
  44. Gloom: —
  45. Vileplum: —
  46. Paras: Media City, Greens, Springs, JBR, Burjuman
  47. Parasect: Media City
  48. Venonat: Marina, Media City
  49. Venomoth: —
  50. Diglett: Tecom, Barsha, Media City, Karama, Bur Dubai, JBR, Marina, IMPZ, Burjuman
  51. Dugtrio: Dubai Mall
  52. Meowth: Tecom, Barsha, Media City, JBR, Karama, Bur Dubai, Marina, MOE, Burjuman
  53. Persian: MOE, MCC
  54. Psyduck: Marina, JBR, Kite Beach
  55. Golduck: Marina (rare),
  56. Mankey: Tecom, Barsha, Media City, JBR, Karama, Zabeel Park, Motor City, Marina, Silicon Oasis, Burjuman
  57. Primeape: Media City, JBR, Marina, Burjuman
  58. Growlithe: Tecom, Barsha, JBR, Media City, Karama, Marina, Burjuman
  59. Arcanine: Marina (Rare), Media City (Rare)
  60. Poliwag: Marina, JBR, Dubai Mall (fountain area)
  61. Poliwhirl: Marina(rare), JBR (rare)
  62. Poliwrath: —
  63. Abra: Tecom (rare), JLT (rare), Media City, Greens, JBR, Marina, (Egg), Deira City Centre
  64. Kadabra: Media City(rare)
  65. Alakazam: MOE (rare)
  66. Machop: Tecom, Barsha, Greens, Media City, JBR, Marina, Burjuman, Rigga, Deira City Centre
  67. Machoke: Barsha (rare), Greens Community
  68. Machamp: DXB Mall, Marina (rare)
  69. Bellsprout:
  70. Weepinbell: —
  71. Victreebel: —
  72. Tentacool: Palm Jumeira, JBR, Marina
  73. Tentacruel: —
  74. Geodude: Tecom, Barsha, Media City, Zabeel Park, JBR, Marina, IMPZ, Burjuman
  75. Graveler: Tecom, Media City, Sports City, Marina, Burjuman
  76. Golem: —
  77. Ponyta: Barsha, Tecom, Greens, MCC, JBR, Marina, Burjuman, Media City, (Egg), Mirdif City Centre
  78. Rapidash: Marina (rare), Burjuman (Rare)
  79. Slowpoke: Marina, JBR, Palm Jumeira
  80. Slowbro: —
  81. Magnemite: JLT, Palm Jumeira, Marina, JBR
  82. Magneton: Palm Jumeira
  83. Farfeth’d: —
  84. Doduo: Tecom, Barsha, Media City, JBR, JLT, Marina, Burjuman
  85. Dodrio: Marina(rare)
  86. Seel: JBR
  87. Dewgong: —
  88. Grimer: —
  89. Muk: —
  90. Shellder: Marina, Palm Jumeira, Kite Beach
  91. Cloyster: Kite Beach (rare)
  92. Ghastly: (egg)
  93. Haunter: —
  94. Gengar: —
  95. Onyx: Tecom, Media City, Deira, Banyas Square, Burjuman
  96. Drowzee: Palm Jumeira
  97. Hypno: —
  98. Krabby: Marina, JBR, Greens, Festival City, Kite Beach
  99. Kingler: JBR, Marina
  100. Voltorb: Palm Jumeira, JBR, Marina
  101. Electrode: Palm Jumeira
  102. Exeggcute: Media City, JBR, Marina
  103. Exeggutor: —
  104. Cubone: Tecom, Greens, Barsha, Karama, Motor City, JBR, Marina, Burjuman, Rigga
  105. Marowak: —
  106. Hitmonlee: JBR (sighted only once), MCC,
  107. Hitmonchan: JBR (sighted only once), Burjuman (rare)
  108. Lickitung: —
  109. Koffing: Greens, JBR, Marina
  110. Weezing: —
  111. Rhyhorn: Tecom, Barsha, Greens, Media City, JBR, Marina, IMPZ, Burjuman
  112. Rhydon: JBR(rare), Marina(rare)
  113. Chansey: —
  114. Tangela: —
  115. Kangaskhan: —
  116. Horsea: Marina, JBR, (egg)
  117. Seadra: —
  118. Goldeen: Marina, JBR, Kite Beach, (egg)
  119. Seaking: Palm Jumeira
  120. Staryu: Marina, JBR, Dubai Mall (fountain area)
  121. Starmie: —
  122. Mr. Mime: —
  123. Scyther: Deira City Centre (sighted once)
  124. Jynx: JBR (rare)
  125. Electabuzz: —
  126. Magmar: JBR, Marina, Silicon Oasis, (egg)
  127. Pinsir: Greens, Tecom (rare), JBR, Marina, IMPZ
  128. Tauros: —
  129. Magikarp: Palm Jumeira, JBR, Marina, Greens, Kite Beach, (Egg)
  130. Gyarados: —
  131. Lapras: —
  132. Ditto: —
  133. Eevee: Media City, Palm Jumeira, Zabeel Park, JBR, Marina, Silicon Oasis
  134. Vaporeon: —
  135. Jolteon: —
  136. Flareon: —
  137. Porygon: —
  138. Omanyte: Greens, Marina, JBR
  139. Omastar: —
  140. Kabuto: Greens, JBR, Marina, (Egg)
  141. Kabutops: JBR(rare), Marina(rare)
  142. Aerodactyl: JBR (rare)
  143. Snorlax: (egg)
  144. Articuno: 
  145. Zapdos: 
  146. Moltres: 
  147. Dratini: Kite Beach, JBR
  148. Dragonair: JBR (rare)
  149. Dragonite: —
  150. Mewtwo: —
  151. Mew: —

I am still working on this list and it will really help a lot if you comment the POKEMONS that you also see in Dubai. 🙂


Happy Hunting!


5 thoughts on “List of Pokemons Found in Dubai

  1. Dude – your last post was absolutely cutting edge because you were blogging about this app right as it emerged – and thanks to you I was all in the know when we ran into some friends – who knew the mania would ensue – and Dubai seems to be jamming for this app – 😉

    • Thanks Ms. Y… 🙂

      Yes, we are all getting crazy over here in Dubai..

      I was suprised yesterday when an Arab couple approached me if was playing Pokemon Go. They asked how to play it .

      I think it was very obvious that I was playing inside the mall yesterday. (alone and smiling and kept swiping the phone) lol

      • Oh how cool this is ! And I guess even churches offer some –
        Did you hear two guys fell off a cliff while playing (la times) and they are ok – but went to hospital!
        Anyhow – I bet the mall was extra fun ! And so nice of you to give your time to the couple – 💕😎

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