Discovering Pokemons in the Real World (My Pokemon Go Adventure!)

I’ve been a fan of Pokemon since I was in high school.  Pokemon’s first season was shown in the Philippines every Friday night at that time.  I used to have posters of all 151 Pokemons in our house.  It was  the adventure of Ash, Brock and Misty that made me love Pokemon up to this day.  I just love the though of having a pet that thinks and can fight for you.  A pet that you can train and learn new techniques every day.

As a Pokemon fan, I’ve seen 16 movies and watched several season of the anime series.  I am currently watching Pokemon XY&Z. The number of Pokemon has reached 722 to this day and i am sure they will still discover more pokemons in the years to come. 😉

I’ve also played the different Pokemon games via Nintendo Gameboy.  The first ones that I’ve tried was Pokemon Red. I got so hooked at i that even I finished the adventure, I continued playing just to capture more pokemons.  It was not just about capturing any Pokemons, it was more of getting the Legendary Pokemons.  I can still remember that feeling when I was playing pokemon games when I was young. 😀

I also collected Pokemon cards. lol

When Pokemon Go was announced, I got really excited.  Imagine, the famous pokemon game in modern day and your cellphone!? How cool is that?  Turning our real world into POKEWORLD and seeing Pokemons as if they are real… I just cant get over it!

I have downloaded the game three days ago and I think I have more reason to go out of the house now.  I used to tell my friends that my life here is boring.  I had nowhere to go and no one to go out with.  Now that Pokemon Go is out, I can now enjoy going out simply because there are pokemons outside.  You can’t capture pokemons by staying in your room. You need to go out. And.. I am loving it!

I am not an expert and still trying to explore but I hope these tips would you play Pokemon Go easier.

First you need to meet our professor…

Professor Willow

The main purpose of your Journey in Pokemon Go is to catch as many Pokemons as possible. Catching Pokemons does not only allow you to collect Pokemons but you also gain experience and therefore making you level up faster.  It is actually easy to catch Pokemons. All you have to do is walk around and find Pokemons then throw your Pokeball.   However, please take note that throwing properly the ball will enable you to get MORE experience points. So, make sure you throw it properly. Aim for that GREEN circle on the Pokemon. 🙂


Have you noticed those circles with the number three above? Those re called Pokemon Candies.  Everytime you catch a Pokemon, you get 3 candies of that Pokemon.  You need these candies to EVOLVE you Pokemon or if you want it to be stronger.  So, don’t mind if you catch a lot of the same kind, because later on you will be able to use the total candies that you got from that particular pokemon to EVOLVE it.

Geodude evolved to GRAVELER

See the above photo. You need 25 Geodude Candies to evolve it to Graveler.  So, that is around 7 Geodudes.  At the same time you can send your extra Geodudes to Professor Willow. Professor Willow will give you 1 candy for every Pokemon that you sent to him. 😉

While walking around you will notice different PokeStops, so please stop and check it out.  There are items in the pokestop that can help you in your journey.


These PokeStops represent places in the REAL WORLD.  If you’ve seen the stops but not sure what those are, touch it and check the photos then you will recognize a a familiar place. Then it will be easier for you to go there and get your free stuff. 😉

You can get Pokeballs, Potion, Revive and Eggs from a PokeStop.  Potions are used for healing. Revive can be used to revive a dead Pokemon (I mean when they die during battles). Eggs can be hatched using an incubator and become a Pokemon.  You will be given 1 incubator when you start your journey. Once you found an egg, incubate it and start walking.  You will only be able to hatch the egg once you’ve walked the required number of distance.

Pokemon egg

For example, my first PokeEgg needed to be walked for 2km.  When it hatched, it has become MAGIKARP! hahaha. Lucky me???

As you gain experience, you also level up.  You need to make sure that your Pokemons are also strong.  You just don’t keep on catching Pokemons. Sooner or later you will have to challenge different Gym Leaders.  And most of them are really STRONG!



When you challenge a Gym Leader /Leaders, you can use 6 Pokemons.  However, the number of Pokemons that you need to battle depend on the number of trainers that left their pokemon in that Gym. If there was only 1 pokemon in a gym, then you have more chances of defeating that gym leader.  But if you encounter a gym like the above photo (The Big O), they have 5 Poke Trainers and the Leader is already at Level 18 with a Magneton that has a combat power of 768. As a starter, you should avoid that! 😉


Look at the above photo of my MEOWTH vs a PIDGEOTTO.  It was one of my first few fights.  Good thing that there was only 1 pokemon in that gym. My MEOWTH might have beed defeated but my other pokemons was able to defeat PIDGEOTTO.

Defeating Gym Leaders will give you Experience Points and at the same time the PRIDE of Winning a Pokemon Battle. Once also you’ve drained the Gym Prestige of a certain gym, you can now claim that GYM and start DEFENDING it.


Take note, it is hard to defend a GYM ALONE.  So, make sure that you have TEAM MATES who will assist you.

Thats Me!

I have tried winning and claiming different Gyms but I always end up being overthrown.  Remember that you can only leave 1 pokemon in your Gym.  You have to wait for other trainers of the same team to also leave a Pokemon to help you defend the gym.  By the way, I AM MEMBER of TEAM MYSTIC!

Here are my POKEMONS at the MOMENT:


My Pokemons are still weak and I am trying to make them stronger.  Let’s all have fun and enjoy Playing Pokemon Go.

But please take note that this is JUST a GAME.  We need to be careful when playing Pokemon Go. Don’t play while crossing the streets, don’t trespass other people’s properties just to catch Pokemons, do go to unfamiliar places and don’t fight with your FRIENDS or FAMILY MEMBERS over your Pokemons.

Pokemons are just here for us to be entertained and have fun.  So let’s make the most out of it. 🙂

What are you waiting for? 

Let’s catch them all!


9 thoughts on “Discovering Pokemons in the Real World (My Pokemon Go Adventure!)

  1. wow – this is so cool – was thinking of you this week and will be back later to check in more my friend – and my kids had poekman boardgames and those little circle things – and wow that you had all 151 posters – 🙂

    • hahaha – thanks for dropping by Ms. Y.
      Pokemon is a must to all Children and Child at heart. 😉 I love the idea that your kids played pokemon boardgames instead of gameboys/pc games. 😉
      And.. NO, I didn’t have 151 posters…. It was like several posters of 151 pokemons in each poster.. hahaha

      • Oh…… I get it with the posters – ha! That would be a lot of posters – and we did not have the Pokemon video games because I was “iffy” about them – I know I know. But it was where I was at as a momma – ha!
        And I let them play Zelda and other games And Pokemon would have been likely fine! Ha

        And later I will have to share a photo of Volkswagen car that has been wrapped with a Pokemon theme – it was like seeing a flashback as it drove by….

  2. Hi – had to give you an update – you were so on the edge of this app – because since your post I have seen it everywhere – I am not doing it – but wow – on Monday night we saw Folks walking all over doing this – and even at church (so I was told) folks could get some there!
    Quite the rage and so brilliant –
    Hope you are enjoying your adventure with it —- 😉

    • Yes.. i am… maybe you should give it a try. 😉

      there are actually good things about this game.. it makes player talk to other people.. you’d be surprise to know who plays the game … even your neighbors.
      its a good way to exercise.. if you want to collect more pokemons then you have to walk around.. lol

    • Hi Kevin.. I think the three legendary pokemons are not yet released.

      these pokemons might be tied with upcoming events of Niantic….

      Remember the teaser they showed before releasing pokemon go?

      When everyone has to battle Mewto? I think it is somewhat related to that.

      They say that Ditto will play a special part in the breeding system. I am not sure how or why. 🙂

      Just keep playing and enjoy the game… sooner or later they will definitely appear.

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