The Middle East Film & Comic Convention 2016


08 April 2016 – The day I attended the Middle East Film & Comic Convention 2016 in Dubai.  It was my second time to attend the MEFCC and I was again blown away by the stunning costumes of the cosplayers.  I will never get tired of attending events like this.

This time around, the lone traveller is not alone anymore. I managed to go with my two colleagues.  Animes, Cartoons, CosPlays are not for children only.  There were more professionals who attended the event, and we were one of them.


Meet Lea & Sharmaine – my colleagues 

MEFCC 2016 promised us to be bigger, better and crazier than ever, since it would be their 5th anniversary.  True to their words, this year’s event was indeed better than last year.  However, I noticed that there were better Cosplayers last year.  That’s just what I think. 😛

One of the things I looked forward this year was the Action Figure sale.  I managed to buy cool toys at a very affordable price. They will be added to my collection and will be sent back to the Philippines.  They will add color to my lonely room.:D

This year I got to see Stan Lee the Godfather of Comic book super heroes.   He passed by infront of me that I didn’t even take a photo. Ahhhhhhh!!! Alodia Gosiengfiao – the Cosplay Queen of the Philippines was also there.  I wanted to have a photo opp with her but the queue was very long.  What do you expect? There were a lot of Filipinos who attended the event, so Alodia’s booth was jam-packed! The Kingslayer – Sir Jamie Lannister aka Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also attended the event.  Having a photo opp & getting his signed autograph was a bit costly.  That’s why I didn’t bother. hahaha.  Ash Ketchum skipped his/her journey to the next gym leader just to attend the event.  Kidding! It was Veronica Taylor that I mean.  She is the veteran voice actor behind Pokémon’s main character Ash Ketchum.  

Jamie Lannister

Please take note that if you wanted to have a photo taken with any of the celebrities, you would have to pay a certain amount.  For major celebrities like Sir Jamie, the cost was just too much for an ordinary person like me! hahaha

Anyway, here are the highlights during that day at MEFCC.

MEFCC 2016

The outdoor area is where the Cosplay competition was held and where we could eat & buy food.  It was very hot but people were definitely having fun under the sun.


There were lots of food stalls but we couldn’t use our regular money. We had to buy the MEFCC credits, which is kinda cool but costly. hahaha


We were also given raffle tickets

Here are some of the things that happened out side the hall

MEFCC 2016

People taking a rest, eating, make-up retouching, talking, FB-ing, texting. etc…. lol

MEFCC 2016

Darth Vader vs. Deadpool

MEFCC 2016

Time to eat and fix the costume.

MEFCC 2016

I really like this photo.  😀

MEFCC 2016


MEFCC 2016

Awwww! So cute…

MEFCC 2016

Dancing Horses plus a Lady

MEFCC 2016

These girls were busy taking selfies. 😉

Meanwhile… Inside the hall….

MEFCC 2016

Say cheese!

MEFCC 2016

The kids seem happy with Cruella de Vil

MEFCC 2016

Say hello to these cuties… 🙂

MEFCC 2016

Kakashi and Sasuke haven’t seen each other in a while. So, SELFIE!

MEFCC 2016

Some got tired roaming around.. Time to rest!

MEFCC 2016

Playing CARDS are for ADULTS only! What’s that kid doing there? 😉

MEFCC 2016

MEFCC is also heaven for those who collect COMICS!

I love anime and I love MEFCC…


See you again next year!

see also my post for MEFCC 2015.

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