Dubai Heritage Village – A Glimpse of Dubai’s Culture


One of the places in Dubai that I highly recommend for tourists & visitors is the Heritage Village.  It was built in 1997, at the Al Shindagha historic neighbourhood. The reason behind establishing it was to display the traditional life style in the emirate of Dubai, as well as a form of an introduction to the traditional customs, traditions, professions and local craftsmanship. The Heritage Village is considered as an attraction for the tourists interested in the local traditional life.

If you are already familiar with Dubai’s Metro stations, then all you have to do is take the Metro and go to the Al Ghubaiba Station (Green Line).  It’s basically just outside the Metro Station, with just a few meters walk.  You can just ask anyone and they’ll easily point you to the right way. You could also follow the tourists who are on their way there.

This place is perfect for photoshoots and photowalk.  I had the opportunity to be here twice already. I took some photos and would like to share them to all of you. 🙂

Dhow Cruise

The Heritage Village is also near the Dubai Creek.  It’s also a nice view to see the famous Dubai Cruise sailing along the Dubai Creek.  You might also want to try Dhow Cruise Dinner at the Dubai Creek.  You get to ride that two-story wooden boat and have a buffet dinner for two hours while cruising Dubai Creek. 🙂

Old House at Heritage Village

One of the things you get to see in the Heritage Village is the kinds of houses that Dubai used to have.  You could just imagine how life in Dubai before without all the tall buildings.  Dubai was just a plain dessert.

Heritage Village

It’s a very refreshing experience to have a glimpse of the Emirati Culture while in the Heritage Village.  I suggest that you also visit here during the tourist season between October and March.

Photographer at Heritage Village

Different kinds of people come here for different purpose.  You might see photographers taking inspirational photos of the village.

Tourist at Heritage Village

Another particular area that you need to visit is the Heritage Village Museum. Entrance fee is only 3 Dirhams.  The above shot of a tourist woman was taken on the second floor of the museum.  They actually have a good view on the second floor.

Man at Heritage Village

While on the second floor you get to see the different people passing by the museum.  You’d realize that Dubai has indeed become a melting pot of different cultures.

Lovers at Pakistanis at Heritage Village

This shot was unexpected.  I wanted to take a photo of this couple but was surprised when they suddenly kissed. 🙂 ❤   Perfect timing + Love = Great Photo! 🙂

Lamp at Heritage Village

During the old time, people used lamp.  The above photo is an example of the lamp that they used to have.  You get to see a lot of lamps on display around the heritage village.  Please note that these lamps are not the exact version of what they had in the past. 😉

Lamp at Heritage Village

Another shot of a lamp.


You’d be surprise to see lots of birds flying around the heritage village.  I think because the village has a lot of shades where the birds can rest for a while.


There is also a wooden boat on display outside the Village.  This wooden mark  is just part of that boat.

Heritage Village

The above picture is the top view of a box that I saw.  I am not sure what it was for, bit I just love the design and took a picture of it. 😉

As a photographer, I always love taking  pictures of people.  When I visited the Heritage Village, I had the opportunity to take some photos of the different people visiting the place.


This lady caught my attention as she was walking around with her friend (or maybe bf).


This guy came here for a photoshoot.  He was with a friend and they were taking turns in the pictorial.


This lady was posing for while and her friend couldn’t take the photo properly.

Dubai Creek

This man looked very serious and was somewhat in deep thought.  I hope he’s doing well and will have the strength to overcome whatever his problems are.

Tourists Photoshoot

These two were having fun taking pictures. Pose after Pose.

Pakistanis at Heritage Village

You’d also see a lot of men like these guys.  It seems like they love hanging out here with their friends.   My friend told me that if you asked them for a picture, they’d willingly agree.  Please notice the lamps on the right side. 🙂

See? There are a lot of things that you can do at the Heritage Village.  If you have time, visiting the Heritage Village is a must while in Dubai.

Address: Al Shindagha Rd,Al Shindagha – Dubai
Phone:04 393 7151
Cost: Free

Visiting Hours: 

Monday 8:30AM–10:30PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–10:30PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–10:30PM
Thursday 8:30AM–10:30PM
Friday 8AM–10:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM–10:30PM
Sunday 8:30AM–10:30PM

7 thoughts on “Dubai Heritage Village – A Glimpse of Dubai’s Culture

  1. Hey jazzy J
    I am so glad to connect via blog again- really missed ya
    And what a great post to read today – your street shots are amazing as I like the competitions in so many – like the three people in stride – the one with two folks to the far right and far left – as the lady smiled – oh and the lady who caught your attention who might be with her bf – well the color of her lips and her shirt made the photo come alive even more!
    What an eye you have for these kind of shots and it is all so culture rich – and the lights and water, bird, wooden ship mark, etc.
    ok I will take down the enthusiasm, but this post was truly enjoyable – hope u have a good day my friend and thx!

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