Rody Duterte – the 16th President of the Philippines

As of 2:00AM update from partial/unofficial tally:

Duterte Wins

No one can take this from us.. We now have a new president.  Please forgive me but I cannot wait for the official proclamation.  Allow me to share one photo of Pres. Duterte which I took in 2014 before I left the Philippines:

President Duterte

I just noticed that he loves wearing this kind of shirt.  He wore a similar design earlier today.

A simple person with a huge heart for his country.

Change has arrived!  Sa lahat ng pinoy saan man sa mundo, naway may natutunan tayo sa election na ito.  Sana ay handa tayong baguhin ang mga di magagandang bagay na ginagawa natin.

Sana maging inspirasyon natin ang ating bagong pangulo na gawin ang tama at sundin ang batas.

Sana din hindi matapos sa eleksyong ito ang pagiging makabayan natin. Ipakita natin sa mundo kung sino at ano ang tunay na Filipino kapag nagkakaisa.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!



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