Davao Oriental’s Subangan Museum

Davao Oriental Provincial MuseumWhen I had my short vacation in Davao Oriental, I realized that there have been a lot of changes already.  Imagine a UNESCO heritage site can be found in San Isidro.  Dahican beach has become a major tourist attraction in Mati. The Sleeping Dinosaur Island is a must for all selfie addict travelling to Mati.  The City Government of Mati has been doing its best to promote the city and its neighboring barangays to attract tourist and generate income for the people.

Another attraction in Mati City is the Subangan Museum. It opened in 2014 to showcase Davao Oriental’s rich and diverse cultural and historical heritage.  The two-story Museum stands within a 1000 sqm land.  They intended this museum to generate income so that they’ll be able to sustain its expenses. It is open daily (Monday to Sunday) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The Entrance fee is P100 for foreign nationals, P50 for locals, P30 for residents of Davao Oriental, P20 for senior citizens and students outside Davao Oriental and P10 for students and children within Davao Oriental.

Davao Oriental Giant Sperm Whale

When you enter the Museum, you will see a Dinosaur-like skeleton, which means THIS IS NOT a Dinosaur. 😉 Its name is DAVOR.  It is a 53 ft Sperm Whale (weighs 20 metric tons when alive)  which was found dead along the shores of Governor Generoso in Davao Oriental in 2010. This is considered the 7th largest whale on exhibit in the world, and the first in the Philippines.

Davao Oriental Provincial Museum

Your tour around the museum will start by an introduction from a guide. He / She will tell you the history of the museum and what you can expect while you are there. She will point you to the first stop, which is the second floor.  There are also a lot of staff who will assist you around the museum. They will will tell you more about specific stuff found there.  If you also have questions, they will be more than happy to answer you.

Davao Oriental Map

What I like best about this museum is that it allows us to experience the breathtaking beauty of Davao Oriental’s natural wonders – the glorious cascading waters of the Aliwagwag falls, the amazing pygmy forest and biodiversity sanctuary of Mount Hamiguitan Range, varied crystal waterfalls, pristine white sand beaches, verdant green islands, mysterious caves and tranquil rivers and lakes.

Davao Oriental Provincial MuseumDavao Oriental Provincial Museum

The above photos show small screen which features the flora and fauna in Davao Oriental.  Incorporating technology in a museum like this makes it more interesting for everyone. 🙂

Davao Oriental Provincial Museum

There are also TV screens on the floor which shows insects that can be found in the forest of Davao Oriental.  It’s as if you were walking in a real forest. See those trees? 😛

Davao Oriental Provincial Museum

The design of the museum is really nice.  Every corner of this museum represent a piece of Davao Oriental.  This is not just a museum that shows antique but also features photos/videos/replica of what can be seen in Davao Oriental.   Kudos to the Subangan architect Edmundo Viacrucis for creating a wonderful masterpiece.

Davao Oriental Provincial MuseumDavao Oriental Provincial Museum

Check out the above photos of the cave in the museum. Looks real, right?  Be amazed by the stalactites and stalagmites.

Davao Oriental Provincial Museum

Davao Oriental Provincial Museum

The museum also features our traditional houses which can be seen around Davao Oriental.

Davao Oriental Provincial Museum

Products of Davao Oriental

There is one section in the museum which focuses on the livelihood and products of Davao Oriental.

Typhon Bopha

What I like most about the museum is the section about Typhon Bopha or Typhon Pablo.  An entire room has been filled with photo collage taken when Typhoon Pablo devastated Davao Oriental.  This is a reminder to all of us that Nature has a way of telling us to take good care of our environment.

Typhon Pablo

You can also see on the walls how people helped each other during the worst catastrophe that hit Davao Oriental.  It’s also nice to see that volunteers and rescuers are featured in this room.  Pictures of People helping one another remind us that in difficult times we can always rely on each other.

TYphon Pablo

They’ve also made a small room which you can view through a window and see a replica of a house which was destroyed by Typhoon Pablo / Bopha.  The materials used in this room are all actual wreckage after the typhoon.

I am glad that we have museums like this in Davao Oriental.  When I was young, we didn’t have something like this. We only knew museums in books.  Kudos to the Provincial Government for coming up with this great idea.  I just hope that they will help maintain and make sure that this museum will be taken cared of.

If you want to travel and want to make it educational. Go to DAVAO ORIENTAL. Explore its wonders and be amazed.

I lived in Davao Oriental for 16 years before moving to Davao City and everytime I visit my province I always feel at home. The view while travelling from Davao City to Davao Oriental is more than enough reason to visit our place. If you have a car, I’m sure you’d keep stopping for a picture taking. 🙂

The Subangan Museum can be found in the Provincial Tourism Complex in Brgy. Datu Martin Marundan, Mati City, Davao Oriental.

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