Middle East Film & Comic Convention 2015



The Middle East Film & Comic Convention 2016 has already announced their schedule of events this year, and I haven’t posted about the MERFCC 2015.  I am definitely attending the MEFCC 2016, but this post is about my very first Comic Convention.

As an anime/cartoon fan, I’ve been wanting to attend Comic Conventions. I’ve only heard of them through news and social media. I believe that you don’t need to be young to be an anime fan.  Call me Otaku, anime addict, childish, child at heart, or anything.. I don’t really care, I just love anime and cartoons.  I need not to tell my age but yes, i am old. hahaha

When I started living in the UAE, I told myself that I would fulfill my dreams, that I would travel as far as possible. However, one dream of my mine that I didn’t expect to happen here is the Middle East Film & Comic Convention.  I didn’t know that people in the Middle East also love animes.  Imagine my surprise when I found out about it last year.

I was even hesitant to attend since at that time I was practically new in the UAE. I often converted to peso any amount that I would spend.  The ticket price at that time was AED125 and that is around 1500 pesos.  When I was in the Philippines, I didn’t and would never spend something like that. However, my desire to attend and see live action anime character won me over.

To make the story short, I attended and enjoyed every single minute I was there.  I was also surprised to see lots of people (both young & old), and even more surprised to see children willing to pay that much amount just to attend. People were very participative, and a lot were wearing costumes.   I would love to attend this year’s MEFCC in a costume. wahaha. (i wish 😉 )

 What I love about Comic Con is that you get to see different kinds of cosplayers and have pictures taken with them.  They are just walking around the halls and you can freely ask them to have pictures taken with you.  There are also lots of freebies given around.  I got wireless speaker & selfiepod from etisalat last year.  There were also lots of games which you can play.  There were celebrities, but I don’t like the idea of us paying just to have a picture taken with them.  I don’t understand why do we have to pay extra for that. Manga artists were also there and they selling signed painting/drawings.

I think I should stop talking and let you see some of the photos I took last year. 🙂


MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015

MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015

MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015

MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 Merlin

MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015 MEFCC 2015


I still have lots of photos and might add them later on. 🙂 I just can’t wait for this year’s MEFCC.

Dont forget the dates:   April 07 – 09, 2016

Place:  World Trade Center – Za’abeel Hall

You may also check their website: http://www.mefcc.com

See ya there guys! 🙂


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