Acai Spot is the Perfect Spot

The Acai SpotSince I started my new life here in Dubai, I’ve been in search of a perfect place to spend my spare time with.  The good thing of being alone is that I could explore new places without having to worry about someone not liking the places that I like to explore.   I like walking around, and walking alone makes me enjoy it a lot since I don’t need to worry whether someone is getting tired or not.

I walk around Dubai  lot, and I try to explore hidden places – most especially cafes.  To my avid readers, I’m sure you are all familiar with  my “Coffee Shops in Davao” series. I am planning to do the same here in Dubai.  This post is a shout out to a new place I’ve recently discovered.

One day, me and my friends decided to meet and while waiting for them I decided to walk around the area. Like I said, i like explore.  That’s when I saw this nice looking little cafe.  I told myself, I should go there and try it.

That day came, a week after that promise. 😉

It was Thursday, and i din’t want to go home.  I wanted to stay somewhere nice and try something new.  I remembered this nice place near Deira City Center metro station.

When I came in, I was welcomed warmly by their staff.  If the welcome is very warm, you should expect it coming from Kabayans. Yes, when Filipinos welcome you, they always do it  with a smile & from the heart.  That already became a plus to  this new place.. 😉

I asked them to give me a recommendation of what to order.  They suggested “The Loved One” an Acai Fruit Mix.  It was quite expensive (AED45 or PHP580 or USD12) but it was worth it.

The Loved One

This is the first time that I’ve tasted something like this.  I don’t normally order these kinds of things.  I always preferred to order coffee.  However, I was totally blown away by this.  Indeed this is the Loved One! Perfect in every way.  It’s healthy and its delicious.  There’s is nothing not to like with this creation.  This is highly recommended. Try it once in a while.  This is a good reward after our hard work. 😉 😛

I’ve already said a lot of things but I haven’t introduced this shop… Well, ladies and gentlemen… Please do visit this shop at Centurion Star Tower – Shop 20 – Port Saeed, near Deira City Center Metro station. Just at the back of Day 2 Day.

I say this is the prefect spot and they call themselves THE ACAI SPOTThe Acai Spot acai4


One of the things that I like very much about this cafe is their interior.  It’s very cozy and homy. You feel like you don’t want to  leave the place anytime soon.  I could stay here for hours and hours.  I really love every corner of this cafe.

You might be wondering about the word Acai.  I am also not familiar with it at first.  I checked their website and they say that is a berry. The açaí berry is an inch-long, reddish and purple fruit. It comes from the açaí palm  (Euterpe Oleracea), which is a native tree at the Amazon Forest, in Brazil. The açaí grows in the most part of the Amazon, and it will bring you incredible benefits.

It has :

  • Near perfect amino acid complex
  • High levels of calcium
  • Vitamins A,B1,B2,B3,C,E,K
  • 33x Anticianine as grapes
  • Increases energy
  • Rich in iron
  • It is not only delicious, it is a superfood and superhealthy.

This antioxidant-rich fruit has been known for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating and energy-boosting fruit. Açaí is an exotic relative of blueberry and cranberry fruits.

See!?  This is indeed the perfect spot to stay. Aside from the wonderful staff who will assist you, the cozy environment, you also get to experience delicious dishes which are also very healthy.

You may visit their Facebook page so that you can check also other items on their menu.

They are open everyday from 10 in the morning till 12 midnight.


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