My Life as an OFW in Dubai

this is the new me!

this is the new me!

It’s been a while since I last posted something here on my blog.  It’s almost a year I think.  The main reason why I stopped blogging for a while is because my laptop broke, and I wanted to buy a good laptop this time.  It also took me a while to decide and buy the laptop that I wanted.

There are lots of things that I want to post.  There are lots of events that I attended in the past months and I am pretty sure that they are all blog-worthy posts.  However, I’ve decided to post something personal… something about me and what is happening now in my life.

I’m no celebrity but I feel the need to tell the world how good life is and i need to testify to that goodness of Life.

My life in the Philippines was great. I had a good job, my friends and family are all there.  However, I felt like something was missing.  I was already 30 years old then and   still in search of myself.  I had no savings, but I was happy.  What I really wanted then was just to save and travel as far as possible. Explore the Philippines and the world.    And I didn’t know what else to do. I have friends but most of them have their own lives and I just couldn’t keep on asking them to go out with me.

There was nothing wrong with my life but I was still in search with something I didn’t know.  A friend of mine convinced me to try Dubai.  I hesitated at first, coz I always thought that working in the Middle East was dangerous.  I heard rumours about workers being maltreated and abused.  I was also scared because of their strict law. I was afraid that I would lose my freedom.

However, I also have friends working in the UAE and all of them told me the opposite. They were telling me that Dubai is free city and that it is different from Saudi and other countries in the Middle East.  To make the story short, I was convinced.  My family didn’t even know about my plans.  My papers were processed in a rush and I quit my job. The job that I really love.  I think I should post a different story about that! 😉

Here comes the day that we arrived in Dubai – 10 October 2014.

When the plane was about to land, I was in total awe of what I saw.  The lights in Dubai that you see from above is just amazing.  I could’t believe that I was already in Dubai.  A new chapter in my life was about to start.

You’d be reading more posts about my adventures here n Dubai soon. 🙂

Looking for a job in Dubai is not easy. Again, not easy.  Not because there are no opportunities, but because there are a lot of people looking for a job. When i say a lot. it’s really a lot…. Imagine, people from all  parts of the world come here to look for a job.  If you are a Filipino, you’d be competing with Indians, Russians, Africans, British, French, Americans, Chinese, Sri Lankans, etc.  And because of the number of people looking for a job, a lot of companies take advantage of that. Guess what’s happening now?  Salary bracket becomes lower.  If you asked for a higher salary, here comes another applicant who is as good as you but willing to accept a lower salary.  That’s where the problem begins.

When I was starting, I had interview with different companies and most of them were shocked that I asked for a high salary.  I thought I deserved it considering my experiences in the Philippines and I also believe in my capabilities.  I rejected a lot of offers, because most of them can be earned in the Philippines. What’s the use of going abroad if your earning would be the same?  And… the cost of living in Dubai is CRAZY HIGH!

Despite the hardship that I went through, the money I spent, I was able to find a really good job and company.  My Visa when I first came here was just good for one month.  It was already on my third week that I got serious calls and interviews.  Because I needed to have a 2-weeks training, I had to extend my Visa and paid more.

This was the time in my life, when I let God took over.  My friends were telling me not to accept the job coz’ I wouldn’t be paid for my training, and at the same time I had no assurance whether to be hired or not.  The training was not that easy.  I’ve always trusted God’s plan.  A friend of mine told me, the moment that you stepped in Dubai, it was already God’s plan and He wouldn’t let me stay here longer if He had no plans of giving me a good job.

True enough, I passed the training and started working with my current company.  I have just celebrated my official first year anniversary last February 2 and I am now eligible to take my annual vacation leave.

Life is really beautiful. We need not to focus on the negative things that’s happening in our lives.  All of us have our own problems. We deal with different kinds of difficulties every day. But…. there are more good things in our lives that the negative ones.  The mere fact that we are alive is already enough reason to be thankful for.

Being alive means having the opportunity to live life and be happy every day.  Happiness will always be our choice.  I am really stressed out at work, but I’ve decided to be happy and look at it as an opportunity to grow and learn.  I am sure after all this hardship at work is a great learning experience that I can use in the future. 🙂

So let us all be happy and enjoy life.





6 thoughts on “My Life as an OFW in Dubai

  1. Congratulations that you have finished first your first year in Dubai. You are right that Dubai is a multicultural and multinational city, and there is lot more to discover here that you sometimes don’t know. Dubai tours are great opportunity to spend your weekends or holidays in a good way. Visit us to find more.

    • Thanks Iconic Dubai… 🙂

      I still need to explore Dubai and UAE in general… There are still a lot of places that I am excited to visit. Hopefully I can do that in the coming months. 😉

    • I appreciate this a lot “Lucky Sketch” aka Jake! 🙂

      Thank you for the nomination. I am glad that you find my blog very calm to read…

      I promise to post more entries this year. 😉

  2. Sorry, the last time I checked in here I was not able to read this entry.

    Wow! This reminds me that every person has gone through a lot of things albeit they either to stand out and up or let go and go with the flow like a dead fish. But you didn’t. Congratulations for your realized success.

    You truly deserve a brand new laptop.

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