Sculptures in Singapore

I am always fascinated with different forms of art.  I think it is because this is something that I am not really good at.  I think art can be found anywhere.  Our world is a greatest form of art that God has created. And He keeps making it more interesting and beautiful.   God is the greatest artist that’s why it is just natural for us His children to have a bit of His talent.  I admire people who can paint, draw, sculpt, compose songs/poems, dance and other forms of art.

While walking early morning in Singapore,  I noticed the following sculptures displayed along Orchard road.  They represent the gift that God has given some of His children.

Urban People

Urban People by Swiss sculptor Kurt Laurenz Metzler

Myth Fortuna

Myth Fortuna by Marc Quinn

Lost Duel

Lost Duel by Pierre Matter


Merlion by Mr. Brainwash

Public Sculpture

Public Sculpture

I also wasn’t able to get the names of the last two sculptures.  If one of you know the name of these artwork, please do inform me so that I can include their names in this post.  Every art is worthy of a proper recognition.

Jasper Jay

See you next time!

One thought on “Sculptures in Singapore

  1. thanks for the great art here Jazper jay – and sorry I do not know the names of the last two either – and let’s see – my favorite one is the “urban people” one
    good day and havce a blessed day 🙂 ❤

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