3rd Anniversary of “The Lone Traveller”

It’s been three years… Thanks WORDPRESS for reminding me that today is my 3rd year anniversary with you.  Three years ago I decided to start writing online because of frustrations. I always want to write really well, but i just don’t have the talent or the gift.  WORDPRESS, you made one of my frustrations come true.  Somehow I became a writer and hopefully have inspired people who read my posts.

Right now, I am busy at work and don’t have much time to write something new.  However, I would still love to write more stories this year.. I’ll try to write in the coming days especially stories that I find interesting in this new land.  By the way, I am now based in the UAE.  I have decided to take that big leap and try living and working here.

Work her is very different compared to the Philippines. Work in the Philippines is more relaxed and enjoyable, but its more serious here. You can’t just play around at work. You really have to take it seriously coz’ if not, you might end up losing your job.  That’s why I only have little time writing now… I’d rather enjoy the little time I have left resting at home. 😉

For the past three years I have met a lot of people thru blogging.  Thank you to those bloggers who became my friends and who inspire me with their posts.

Cheers to 2015 and to more years of blogging!

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