Dubai’s Metro Stations

Dubai  Metro

One of the things that I want my beloved city to have is a “Train Station”.  I always believe that a city is considered a progressive one, once it has train stations.  I’ve been to Manila, Hongkong and Singapore and tried taking their trains.  I love both SG and HK’s train stations, but Manila needs to improve! When I arrived here in Dubai, I looked forward to exploring the different Metro Stations.  I love travelling that’s why I need to know how to get to different places easily.  Dubai Metro only has two lines, the green and red lines.  It is impossible to get lost here.  Unlike in Hongkong which has a lot of lines.  

Dubai Metro

This is UNION METRO STATION.  Most Metro Stations here look like this.  Union Metro is one of the busiest Metro Stations in Dubai because you can transfer from red to green line or green to red line here.  There is also a bus station outside the Metro Station.

Dubai Metro

This is how the trains in Dubai look like. 🙂

Dubai Metro

Dubai  Metro

Travelling by train in Dubai is highly recommended because taxi in Dubai is quite expensive.  The buses are also hard to find.  You also get to see unique buildings around the city.  The architectural designs of the buildings here are impressive.

Dubai Metro

Inside the Metro Station

Working days in Dubai is from Saturday/Sunday to Thursday.  This picture was taken on a Saturday afternoon,  that’s why it is empty.  During working days this station is usually full, especially during rush hour.

Dubai Metro

The good thing about the Metro Stations here is that it is fully air-conditioned.  So, while waiting for the train to arrive you don’t sweat a lot considering that it is usually hot in Dubai.

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro

This is the IBN Battuta Metro Station.  Outside this station is the IBN Battuta mall.  There is also a bus station here. 🙂

These are the different Dubao Metro Stations:

Red line

Green Line

  • Al Qusais 2 Station (T3)
  • Al Qusais 1 Station (T2)
  • Airport Free Zone Station (T2)
  • Al Nahda Station (T2)
  • Stadium Station (T2)
  • Al Quiadah Station (T2)
  • Abu Hail Station (T2)
  • Abu Baker Al Siddique Station (T2)
  • Salahuddin Station (U)
  • Union Square Station (UT, connecting to Red Line)
  • Baniyas Square Station (U)
  • Palm Deira Station (U)
  • Al Ras Station (U)
  • Al Ghubaiba Station (U)
  • Saeediya Station (U)
  • Khalid Bin Waleed Station (UT, connecting to Red Line)
  • Oud Metha Station (T2)
  • Health Care City Station (T2)
  • Jeddaf 1 Station (T2)
  • Jeddaf 2 Station (T2)

Jasper Jay


See you next time!


One thought on “Dubai’s Metro Stations

  1. I really loved this post Jasper Jay – the depth views of the track were my fav – and that one with the train in it has some cool lines – front he tracks to the rail to the buildings.
    I have seen this city in movies and I really enjoyed the variety of shots you give us – what a cool modern feel to this place. 🙂

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