Black & White Photo Challenge

The Black & White Photo Challenge has been going on facebook and instagram for a while.  It was just recently that I was nominated to take this challenge.  I already posted my five black and white photos on instagram and facebook.  However, I want also to post them here today.  I wanna show you my black and white photos.

Day 1: Boracay Sunset

Day 1: Boracay Sunset

Day 2: The Beauty of Britania islands"

Day 2: The Beauty of Britania islands”

Day 3: "Tinuy-an Falls"

Day 3: “Tinuy-an Falls”

Day 4: "Hiyas ng Kadayawan"

Day 4: “Hiyas ng Kadayawan”

Day 5: "Cry" (Kadayawan 2014)

Day 5: “Cry”
(Kadayawan 2014)

If you noticed, these pictures are all about my country.  I am a proud FILIPINO and I want to shout to the world how beautiful our country is.

Anyway, the following photos are some of my nice black and white photos which were not posted during the 5-day Black and White challenge.

"Boslon Island"

“Boslon Island”

"Earth Hour 2014"

“Earth Hour 2014”



"Sohoton Sunrise"

“Sohoton Sunrise”




Jasper Jay


See you next post guys!

7 thoughts on “Black & White Photo Challenge

  1. the “cry” photo left me with chills – and curious about what was going on.
    and what wonderful B & W’s – also smiled to see your pride – cheers – 🙂 ❤ you are so inspiring – have a good night amigo

    • Thanks Ms. Y.

      The “cry” photo was taken during Kadayawan festival. It was a street dancing competition.

      It was a story about a local tribe and how they lost that boy they were holding. That’s why they were crying. They offered him to the gods coz’ he was a good boy.

      The gods granted their wish and revived the boy and turned him into a god too. 🙂

      Cheers Ms. Y… See ya!

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