Enjoying Universal Studios Singapore

When I first went to Singapore in 2010, I didn’t go to Universal Studios coz’ it was still unfinished.  I promised myself that when I get the chance to return, I would definitely go to Universal Studios.  That promise was fulfilled recently when I visited Singapore for four days a few weeks ago.

Universal Studios Singapore  is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore.  I stayed in Hotel 81 Gold which is in Lorong 20, Geylang.  Me and my friend took first a bus to Vivocity, then took a train to Sentosa.


When we arrived, I took the chance to have a photo taken while doing my signature jumpshot. WEeeeeeeeeHhh!

When we entered the USS, we were greeted with a wonderful sight. The Hollywood Boulevard!

Universal Studios Singapore

We went there on a Thursday that’s why there weren’t so many people around.  We started our tour at around 10:00AM.  If you want to enjoy USS make sure to come early because you have to fall in line to be able to take advantage of the rides.  Even though you have unlimited rides, the waiting in line usually takes your time.  If you have enough money you can also pay the express lane which means you don’t have to fall in line anymore.  But our budget was limited when we went there, we just paid the regular rate.

By the way the Hollywood Boulevard is themed after the real Hollywood Boulevard of the 1970s, the Hollywood zone is framed by dynamic architecture, palm trees and the famous Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’.


Ticket Type Adult (Ages 13 to 59) Child (Ages 4 to 12) Senior (Ages 60 and above)
One Day Pass $74 $54 $36
Two Day Pass
(Two consecutive days)
$118 $88 $58

source: http://www.rwsentosa.com/Homepage/Attractions/UniversalStudiosSingapore

TIP: Please get your USS MAP before touring the place.  It helps you plan your rides so that you won’t be wasting so much time looking for a particular ride.  If you have a pen, you can mark your map after riding a specific ride. 😉

After Hollywood Boulevard, we went to New York – this is themed after post-modern New York City that features sidewalks and classic landmarks that mimic its cityscape. The area is  flanked by street facades that set the scenes for big city fun and also real-time movie production for most Hollywood blockbuster films.

Universal Studios Singapore

We also had pictures taken at New York Public Library.  I love my picture there.  It feels like real New York which I can just see in the movies.

Universal Studios Singapore

Next Stop: Sci-Fi City

Sci-Fi City is an imagined metropolis of the future that contains many modern conveniences of life, but with little or no remnants of past inhabitants and cultures that are able to stand the course of time. It is the home of the world’s tallest pair of dueling roller coasters, at a height of 42.7 metres (140 ft), but it was already closed.

This is where we had our first ride: Transformers the Ride.  Imagine at around 10:30AM, the line was already long.  We waited for more than 30 minutes just to take this ride.  And it was all worth it.  The waiting time maybe long, but there a lot of things you can see while waiting. There are TV screens which tells you what to do and what to expect.  There are so many Transformers stuff.  I like that place and it’s my favorite ride.  I love Transformers and I am a collector of different Transformers action figures that’s why I had high expectations before taking the ride.  It never failed me.  It’s more than what I expected it to be. It felt like I was part of the movie.  It was just amazing. Wahhhhhhhhh! 10/10 for a Transformers fan like me!

Universal Studios Singapore

TIP: There are USS official photographers near Optimus Prime, and they will take pictures of you if you want to have a photo taken.  However, you will have to pay 20 SG dollars for each photo. But don’t worry! Let them take pictures and you can also ask them to take pictures of you using your own camera.  You are not obliged to get the pictures they took. 😉


After SciFi City is the Ancient Egypt.

Universal Studios Singapore

As the name suggests, the Ancient Egypt zone is themed after the rich Egyptian architecture and artifacts found during the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration in the 1930s.

Universal Studios Singapore

My next favorite ride in USS is “The Revenge of the Mummy“.  This is a high-speed dark ride that sports sharp turns and fast reverse sections, built within a complex that is partially lighted. This ride was inspired and developed from the The Mummy film franchise directed by Stephen Sommers.  You have to leave all your belongings before entering here.  Don’t worry they have locker rooms where you can leave your belongings safely.  If you love extreme rides then this is the best in USS.  I love this ride but Transformers for me is a complete package. 😉


The next themed area is “The Lost World

The Lost World contains many traditional attractions present in most Universal Studios parks around the world and is divided into two sub areas: Jurassic Park and Waterworld.

If you love plays and performance then you should not miss the Waterworld show.  Go directly to the Waterworld arena or check the schedule of their performance first.  The show is 16 minutes long and includes stunts on water, land, and overhead, supported by many pyrotechnic, flame, water, and other special effects, including the explosive crash landing of the seaplan

Universal Studios Singapore

The actors here are superb.  They did all the stunts without any safety gears.  It was like watching a LIVE movie.

TIP:  Don’t sit on the front row if you don’t want to get wet.  Before the main performance, some of the performers tried to entertain us while waiting.  Part of their entertainment is throwing water to the audience. Which is kinda fun if you brought extra clothes with you and if your gadgets were safely hidden somewhere. 😉

Universal Studios Singapore

The Canopy Flyer is a suspended 4-seater roller coaster car that glides gently over the tree-tops of Jurassic Park.  This is actually a good ride, but it’s too short.  I think the ride finishes in less than a minute. We waited for 35 minutes then the ride ended suddenly. hahaha.  We didn’t expect that!

Universal Studios Singapore

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is a  river rapids ride that features a white water raft system where riders on circular rafts are tossed along waterways within the Jurassic Park compound, which is home to several animatronic dinosaurs, the ride finishes with riders plunging down from the Hydroelectric Generator compound.  I had high expectations of this ride and they were never met. 😉  This is a boring ride.

TIP:  You will get wet! So, bring your own raincoat if you want to take this ride.  They also sell raincoats here for $4 each (SG), but if you buy 2 you will get 1 for free. It’s like buy 3 for $8. 😉


Next: Far Far Away

Far Far Away is inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s hit Shrek franchise which depicted how the fairy-tale characters lived in daily life. The zone consists of many recognizable locations from the film series, and the main highlight of the zone is the 40-metre tall Far Far Away Castle Special character appearances include: Shrek, Donkey,Puss In Boots and Princess Fiona.  I feel sad coz’ I din’t get the chance to meet any of the characters here. 😦

Universal Studios Singapore

There isn’t really any good rides here. Or maybe you can try the Enchanted airways. It’s a junior roller coaster that whizzes about within the zone of Far Far Away. The trains are modeled after Dragon from the world of Shrek. I didn’t get the chance to take pictures of this ride.  You can also watch Shrek 4-D Adventure.  This is actually for kids. I think they would love it.  We watched it for the sake of taking advantage of everything here. hahaha

Universal Studios Singapore

We didn’t see Shrek nor Fiona, but we got to see Shrek’s swamp. 😉


The last themed area in USS is Madagascar.

Madagascar is inspired by the hit DreamWorks Animation franchise of the same name which features four zoo animals, Alex, Gloria, Martyand Melman escaping from the Central Park Zoo and unfortunately crashing onto the island of Madagascar. The zone features lush tropical jungles as well as two rides. 

Universal Studios Singapore


We were  able to finish roaming around USS early that’s why we decided to go back where we started and check for other activities.  Along New York area we noticed people watching something, so we went there and watched as well.

Universal Studios Singapore

We saw The Rockafellas Streetboys performing across the NY Public Library. If I’m not mistaken some of the members here are from the Philippines and were ones part of The Streetboys ~ a famous dance group in our country.



Universal Studios Singapore

I was amazed with this view.  Me and my friend wanted to ride Battlestar Galactica, but all we could do was just to take pictures.



Universal Studios Singapore

TIP: Make sure to keep looking around for photo opps. There are a lot of characters from the Universal movies that roam around USS, and all you have to do is ask them to have a photo taken with you.  For famous characters like The Minions, they have a schedule so you can just ask the staff when do they usually come out. 😉

My overall experience in Universal Studios Singapore was a blast. I really enjoyed it.  USS is a bit smaller than HK Disneyland, but there are so many things you can do inside.  I think we’ve ridden majority of the rides including those just for kids.  It was really a good idea to be there during weekdays coz’ the number of people are fewer.  We left USS at around 4:00PM so that we could still check Sentosa Park ~ and that’s another Blog Story.

Jasper Jay

See you next time!


5 thoughts on “Enjoying Universal Studios Singapore

  1. When I first read the title I thought it was a joke, Universal Studios in Singapore….that´s quite amazing and quite an amazing journey you are having and glad you´re sharing it with us. I´ll get there sooner or latter, better sooner than latter.

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