The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu

I went to Cebu in 2008 and lived there for three years.  That’s why I considered Cebu as my second home.  I’ve gained a lot of friends while working there.  This post is about one of my favorite places in Cebu.  This is just a 5-10 minutes ride via jeepney from where I used to live.

This is “The Terraces“.

It is located at the Ayala Center Cebu.  This is where you can find most restaurants in Ayala.  I just love this place.  Eating here is so relaxing.  You get to see a beautiful view and different kinds of people walking around.  You also have a lot of food choices.  My favorite restos here are Dessert Factory, Casa Verde, Sunburst and Starbucks.  Ayala Terraces

Ayala Terraces

Ayala Terraces


When you visit Cebu, don’t ever forget to go to Ayala Center Cebu and dine at The Terraces. Nowadays when you say Cebu it is also equal to The Terraces.  Oh! Don’t also forget to have a picture taken here. 😉

Here’s how The Terraces looks like at Night:

Ayala Center Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu

Ayala Center Cebu

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