Davao Coffee Shop: Starbucks SM City Davao

My favorite coffee shop is the Starbucks SM City Davao branch.  I’ve been to different coffee shops but nothing beats this branch’s cozy environment.  I also love how they designed the shop.  There are tables good for a group of people and there are tables just for two or for one person.  Most of the time, I come here alone and I never felt awkward being alone in a crowded place. The place is big enough not to hear other people’s conversation.

The best time to come here is in the morning until lunch time.  Nowadays especially during weekends, more and more people come here.  If you are planning to come here on a Sunday, make sure to come early. There are times when this place is full of customers, and this place suddenly becomes a mess. 😉

I also love the staff and crew here.  They are very friendly and they remember your name regardless of the number of times you visit them.  They are more accommodating than those from other branches.  They also give treats once in a while.  Whenever I need time to be alone and think, I always come here.

Starbucks SM City Davao
Starbucks SM City Davao


That table near the comfort room is mostly occupied by students who want to study.

Starbucks SM City Davao


The couch area is the most comfortable area here. This is perfect for group of friends and family.  You can talk anything you want and feel like you are just home. 😉


Starbucks SM City Davao

The Starbucks merchandise are displayed in the middle near the counter so that everyone can see them.  Grab you favorite Starbucks merchandise now! 😀


They are open until 12:00 midnight.



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