Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

It’s been a while since I participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge.  This week’s theme which is humanity made me decide to join again.  Here’s my take on “HUMANITY

Weekly Photo Challenge Weekly Photo Challenge

These two shots were taken during a festival celebration in our city.  I am not sure if they are street children but they were with nobody during the event.  I believe that the children are the hope of our future, and seeing these kids during the festival made me realize that a lot of them have been taken for granted.  Not just by their parents but also the government and the society.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

  1. Brilliant take on this week’s challenge. Love how you managed to capture the girl holding up the peace sign in the first photo. She must really be enjoying the celebrations. Seems like a big celebration, lots of people turned out to watch 🙂

      • I love celebrations in Asians cities. They’re always so vibrant and everyone wants to see a bit of the action. In Malaysia, where my parents are from, we have that quite a bit of the time too. Hope it wasn’t too hot a day for you 😀

      • I agree with you… ASIANS always have the most colorful and vibrant festivals.

        Here in our country alone, we have more than a hundred festivals. hahaha and I haven’t been to all of them…

        I love festivals.. I love seeing people enjoying themselves…

        Here in our country there are two seasons… HOT and VERY HOT… hahaha So, I am already used to the weather and temperature here ..

      • Spot on. Asians not only have the most colourful festivals, but also the noisiest too! I’ve never been bothered by the noise and all the singing and dancing.I find it all entertaining. There is also monsoonal season in Asian countries, especially Malaysia. Funny how when there’s a festival going on here, it never rains…good timing, perhaps.

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