Kadayawan Invasion by Spectrum

Here in Davao we have a very strict rule about liquors.  We have a liquor ban at 1:00AM which means that no one is allowed to sell any kinds of alcoholic beverages to anyone.  That’s why many people from other cities thought that we… the Davaoenos don’t know how to have fun and to party… Well. well. well. Last Saturday we have proven that Davao City is the party capital of Mindanao. 😀

I initially had no plan of going to the party but when we were given free VIP tickets… might as well.. hahaha

Smart Cares

So… Thanks to SMART.. LIVE MORE… for providing us VIP tickets. 😉

Kadayawan Invasion 2014

Kadayawan Invasion 2014

Kadayawan Invasion 2014

Kadayawan Invasion 2014

I was very surprised to see a lot of people… I thought parties like this happen only in Cebu and/or Manila.  Indeed… Davao knows how to party… The party was crazy… I was just a mere observer. I think I have already graduated from Bachelor of Science in Partying. hahaha The people nowadays are crazy… They danced & drank like there was no tomorrow.  and Oh! I like how the security personnel worked.  They kept on checking our wrist bands to make sure that all people in the VIP are legit VIPs… 😉

I know some of you have already heard about the controversy but I won’t talk about that.  It was a fun night and it should stay like that. Good Vibes everyone… 😀

See you next year… Hopefully… 😉

7 thoughts on “Kadayawan Invasion by Spectrum

  1. Hi there Jazperjay, doesn´t seem to over the top to ban liquor after 1 a.m, it doesn´t make any sense though, plus by that time if you are going out I´m already wasted. And if not, I look at my watch and see 00:45 I´ll start ordering 10 shots of tequila and get wasted in 5 seconds. And I´m good for quite some hours later on. Or you can do the old trick of bringing the liquor from home with you.

    I like your blog, a lot of variety in it. At first I had no idea where was Davao, was about to look it up in google until I kept reading and saw Philippines. I know, through wordpress that is, 3 people from there, one a poet, the other a photographer, the other writes about the experiences there, and now you. Glad you stumbled upon my little crazy blog. I don´t have the money to travel right now, so I travel through your eyes, or better said through your blog. Philippines is one country that this other blogger told me I should go and live, go figure, he says that even if I earn little since the exchange of Euro to the currency over there I´d be living quite a much more comfortable life over there, plus the beaches and girls ofcourse.

    • Thanks for dropping by Charlie. I agree with that blogger who told you that you should come and live here. And yes, you’d definitely have a comfortable here. There are a lot of foreigners who decided to live here after they retire. Maybe you can think about doing the same too. Oh, and yes… GIRLS… They’ll love you. A lot of them are waiting for you now. hahaha

      I really appreciate your comment… 😀 I also like your crazy blog… Crazy people are the most artistic people. ayt? 😉

      See you around.

      • Start laying the ground for me with the girls, just drop subtle hints about this great Spaniard that will be coming soon.
        Crazy we are a bit….or a lot…still can´t figure it out.

        I´ll be dropping by once in a while to take a sneak peak at your adventures and the photos, man those where stunning places you´ve been too.

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