I’ve been wanting to write something about my adventure in Sohoton, Surigao del Norte.  However, I just couldn’t find the time.  Anyway, I already have the time now so let me tell you first how I got there.

  • This is one of those unplanned trips when a friend suddenly told me to get my bag ready coz’ we were leaving immediately and I just couldn’t say no.
  • First stop.  Davao: Ecoland Terminal.  We were told to take a bus to Tandag City.  However, when we got to the terminal we were informed that the next trip would be at 11PM or 12AM, but a man looking for passengers in his van approached us.  He said he was going to Surigao City and he would be leaving at 8:00PM.  He initially told us to pay 700 pesos but we told him that was too expensive so he asked 600 pesos instead.  We thought it was a good deal and we didn’t want to waste our time waiting for the next trip.
  • We met other passengers in the van who gave us advice on how to get to Sohoton.
  • We were dropped in Badas and then we took a bus going to Hayanggabon. The fare from Badas to Hayanggabon is only 70 pesos.  I think it was around 6:00 AM when we arrived in Hayanggabon.

Sunrise at Hayanggabon

  • By the way, if you are not familiar with Hayanggabon make sure to tell the bus driver to drop you off near the Hayanggabon Port.
  • In the Port, you can easily find a boat to tour you around Sohoton Islands.  The standard rate for one boat is P3,500.  I think this is good for 10 to 15 people.  So, regardless of the number of passengers you would have to pay the whole amount.
Hayanggabon Port

At the Hayanggabon Port

  • We waited for a few minutes for our other companions to arrive.  They traveled from Tandag City.
Hayanggabon Port

While waiting for our companions, I took this photo coz’ I find the ship interesting. But I don’t know what it’s called. 😉

  • One of our companions know someone from Hayanggabon that’s why we were able to find another boat for only P3,000
  • By the way, make sure to bring food with you because during the tour there would be no restaurants in any of the islands. We were told that there was a resort called “Hidden Island resort” which would allow us to buy our lunch but they were close when we got there.  We ended up going to our boatman’s house. We asked his wife to cook for us. Of course we had to pay them.  Fortunately, the wife cooks really well. We were served with adobong pusit and tinolang isda. 😉
Sohoton Houses

This is the small community where our boatman lives with his family. I forgot the name of the place/island.


Now… I want to show you guys the real BEAUTY of the SOHOTON ISLANDS…

Sohoton Islands Sohoton IslandsSohoton Islands Sohoton Islands Sohoton Islands 3 Sohoton Islands Sohoton Islands Sohoton Islands Sohoton Islands

One of the things that made us love our trip to Sohoton is the visit to the island filled with Jellyfish.  I actually didn’t know that there are jellyfish that don’t sting. hahaha. I was misinformed.  I think that’s what you get by watching too many TV shows. In this island you can actually swim with the jellyfish. 😀 I love this place. This is the best part of our trip.

Sohoton Jellyfish

Sohoton Jellyfish

Jasper Jay Torres


I just can’t get enough with the beauty of Sohoton.  I took a lot of pictures but my memory card was corrupted and some of the pictures were deleted.  We did several activities while we tour Sohoton islands.

We visited the Crystal Cave. You will be surprised to see crystals inside the cave.  They are actually the stalactites and stalagmites, but they are shimmering. That’s why it’s called Crystal cave. Inside the cave there is also a mini cave where you can go, but you have to crawl your way down to the cave. 😉 The payment in crystal cave is 100 pesos (tour guide) plus 20 pesos (entrance fee).

We also went to Hagukan cave.  This is one of the best caves that we visited.  The term Hagukan was taken from the word hagok which means to snore.  Our tour guide told us that when the wind enters the cave it makes a sound like a snore. 😉  Inside the Hagukan cave is priceless.  The water was hot underneath but cold on the surface because the sea water mixes with fresh water.  We could also see clearly our legs and what was under us. The light from the outside gave us just enough illumination to appreciate the cave.  I would have wanted to bring a go-pro camera to take videos and pictures of the cave. wahhhhhhhhhhh

Hagukan Cave

We had to swim our way inside Hagukan Cave

The other cave that we visited is _________ cave. hahaha. I totally forgot the name coz’ it’s been weeks since we went there.  Anyway, in that cave there are a lot of different formations of stalactites and stalagmites. It has a second floor as well.  Not really a second floor but the cave goes up that’s why we had to climb it. However, we couldn’t go back or shall I say we were not allowed to go back. Instead, we were told that the only option to get out of the cave is to jump from the upper portion of the cave to the river/sea outside.

Sohoton Cave

The Mouth of the Cave

Sohoton Cave

Going inside the cave with Manong Tour Guide

Sohoton Cave

This is the only way out of the cave. Time to JUMP!

Sohoton Jump

I jumped first coz’ no one wanted to do it. 😉


This sudden trip of ours is more than what i could ask for.  It was all worth the travel.  I would definitely come back with other friends and probably bring with me a better camera man. hahaha.

Here’s the summary of how much I spent during the trip:

Bus (Davao to Badas) –                        P600.00

Bus (Badas to Hayangabon) –                  70.00

Tour to Sohoton  (3,000/4)                   750.00

Tour to Sohoton caves (1,260/4)           315.00

Lunch (350/4)                                         87.50

Hayangabon to Surigao                          110.00

Dinner (barbeque)                                    67.00

Fare (jeepney/tricycle)                             100.00

Bus (Surigao – Dava0: non air)                570.00

Total ————————————– P2,669.50

It was a bit expensive for us mainly because there were only four of us.  So, if you are planning to travel in Sohoton, make sure to travel with your friends so that you can save. 😉



15 thoughts on “The BEAUTY of SOHOTON ISLANDS

    • Sama ulet ako. hahaha 😉 Gusto ko bumalik… hahaha Pero may mga travel agency na nag oofer ng packages sa Sohoton, Tinuy-an and others. 😉 Mas makakamura dun.

    • Hi Kitty,
      Marami pong buses sa ecoland. di ko lang po sure now ang sched. Punta lang kayo sa ecoland, tapos may option din kayo na mag Van. 🙂 marimba ring Van ang bumabyahe.

      im not based now in Davao kaya di mako makakabigay ng exact details. sorry

  1. hello Jas!!! haha nagaresearch ko sa net of going to sohoton and then whala haha imong blog akong na adtuan hehe no idea na naa d i ka blog so proud of you

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