What did Maki Pulido do wrong?

Earlier today I noticed in my newsfeeds links of Maki Pulido’s tweet about PGH.

Maki Pulido's Tweet

A lot of people reacted and posted tweets and blogs about Maki’s tweet.  Here are different links of what these people posted:

www.fashionpulis.com – Tweets from different people against Maki

www.localpulse.net – A doctor named Cherie A. Tecson – delos Santos from PGH criticised Maki’s tweet.

Here’s what I think about that tweet.

First, we should analyze the tweet grammatically. Maki tweeted “I was in PGH.  I didn’t see even an ounce of compassion for very poor patients”.  For most Filipinos, this tweet has been translated literally in a Filipino way.  But what does it really mean?  Please take note of the words “was and didn’t“.  The sentences were tweeted in past simple form meaning it happened at that particular time when Maki was in PGH, NOT NOW and NOT ALWAYS.  There is a big difference between Simple Past and Simple Present.

Second, Maki is a journalist.  She writes and reports from her own perspective. So, if she sees it that way then we should respect her.  Let’s not judge her based on her two sentence-tweet.

Third,  I think most people who reacted work in a hospital. Guys, I have high respect for people who work in hospitals especially in government hospitals. I used to work in a government hospital but in the office.  During the time that I worked there, I saw how hard it was to take care of a lot of people.  There were more patients than the doctors and nurses available. I saw the hard work of dedicated people.  It’s not an easy job, yet they get so little.  A lot of them do this job because that’s what they love doing.  But in reality, not all are kindhearted, and do their jobs properly.

Fourth, some of my nurse friends also admitted that there are nurses who just don’t care and would rather tell other nurses to do their jobs.  In government hospitals, there are different kinds of nurses.  We have regular nurses, contractual nurses, city-paid nurses and interns.  Two years ago, I think we also had RN Heals nurses.  In the hospital I worked with, there was politics.  Some or a few regular nurses would take advantage of contractual and city paid nurses.  They let them do the dirty jobs coz’ they know that those nurses would do everything just to get an ITEM in the hospital.  (Item is a term used in the government to indicate regularization).  I’ve seen how those nurses work hard. Really hard.  That’s why I have high respect for those kind of nurses. DEDICATED NURSES.

Fifth, I cannot argue with Dr. Delos Santos coz she is correct.  I agree with her, but are we doing something to solve the problem? She said “PGH workers are hostages to a system that cannot sustain the population that it serves. It does not have the best conditions, and it intermittently makes a monster out of the saintliest of saints, but working in it, for the most part, collectively brings out the rawest sense of humanity: the desire to save another human’s life, at the expense of one’s own well-being.”  We, the Filipino people should also do something about this so called system.  We have the best doctors and nurses here that’s why they should treated properly.  However, we should also look at those doctors and nurses who don’t take their jobs seriously.  Just because we lack doctors and nurses we should not settle for those uncommited and apathetic medical personnel.

Lastly, what Maki posted is a wake up call to all of us.  It means that this is happening today.  I wish you guys would take Maki’s tweet constructively rather than taking it personally.   It hurts because it’s true.  This is not the time to be sensitive.  Again, she didn’t say that all nurses/doctors are like that.  That’s why she use the word “I” because it was what she saw during that time.  It happened in that particular area in PGH and not the WHOLE PGH.  No need to be angry instead this is the time we tell our government that we need more medical staff and hospitals.  Coz’ the very reason why no one attended to those poor people is because PGH doesn’t have enough rooms and medical staff to entertain new patients.  Our government should make it a priority to provide better health service to our people especially those who can’t afford.

More than anything, we should also seek the guidance of our Father.  We also need to pray for our sick brothers and sisters and our very sick government system.

Mabuhay ang mga Mabubuting Doktor at Nars ng Pilipinas!

God Bless you guys!

Please check this excerpt of Maki’s video:


3 thoughts on “What did Maki Pulido do wrong?

  1. Although I understand the message what she is trying to relay through the Reporter’s notebook episode…. Ang problema kasi sa tweet ni Maki Pulido ay parang nag-gegeneralize at mapanira sa isang institusiyon na ang hangad naman ay kabutihan para sa mahihirap. Isa siyang batikang journalist, at diba kung narereport ka dapat nananaliksik ka. Kung sinasabi mo lang ang iyong nakikita, eh hindi ba pagiging iresponsable iyon bilang isang mamamahayag?

    • Actually tama ka ups… 😀 Naging issue lang naman ito dahil si Maki ang nagtweet at kasi journalist siya.

      Pero… dapat din natin tingnan ang isa pang side… Yep it is somewhat irresponsible of Maki to make such tweet but nangyari yun… Yun ang nakita niya…

      Yun na side ang dapat nating bigyang pansin. Kawawa kasi ang ating mga kababayan na walang pangbayad sa hospital. Alam nating maraming mga magagaling at mababait na mga doctor at nurses kaya nakakasira talaga ng imahe ang mga doctor at nurses na hindi ginagawa ang trabaho nila…

      I think the main purpose of Maki’s tweet is to get attention. Para makarating sa kinauukulan na may ganitong nangyayari sa ating mga pampublikong hospital. And nagawa niya. Nakuha niya ang atensyon ng mga Pilipino.

      Ngayon naman tingnan nation kung may gagawin ba ang pamunuan ng PGH o ng ating gobyerno tungkol dito.. Kung wala… Aba, kung si Maki nagawang e-bash… Bakit di pwede e criticise din natin ang ating gobyerno. 😉

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