The Stairwell ~ “A Matter of Taste”

One of the good things a blogger gets is being invited in a food tasting event.  I’ve been to different food tasting event but the most recent one is one the best!  It’s THE STAIRWELL’s food tasting event for bloggers.  I love their food and the restaurant’s design.  This restaurant is a must to all Davaoenos out there and to those who want to visit Davao.  Here are their dishes:

Stairwell's Signature Sisig - P198

Stairwell’s Signature Sisig – P198

A sizzling medley of various cuts of pork meat and entrails, fried and served with all the trimmings

The Stairwell Davao

Nachos Supreme – P198

Nachos done right – a mound of tortilla chips, salsa cruda, seasoned beef, and cheese sauce

The Stairwell Davao

Spiced Beef and Cheese Roll-ups – P138

Seasoned ground beef, cheese, and whole jalapenos, fried to a crisp – a beer match favorite

The Stairwell Davao

Gambas All Ajillo – P288

Shrimps sauteed in mounds of garlic and olive oil with a hint of jalapeno kick

The Stairwell Davao

Lumpiang Sariwa – P78

A mix of pork and vegetables wrapped in a delicate soft crepe – proclaimed by many as the best fresh lumpia in Davao

The Stairwell Davao

Camaron Rellenado – P168

Shrimps coated with a special seasoned pork filling, breaded and fried to a crisp


The Stairwell Davao

Dinakdakan – P158

An Ilocano favorite – fried pork meat and entrails in their secret blend of spicy white sauce


The Stairwell Davao

Grilled Chicken and Salsa on Pita Crisps – P128

Grilled chicken slices and freshly made salsa cruda on fried pita strips


The Stairwell Davao

Stairwell’s Signature Chicken Pepper Steak — P258

Generously seasoned boneless chicken, grilled to perfection — indulge without the guilt — a best-seller!


The Stairwell Davao

Croquetas de Jamon — P98

A tapas staple – creamy filling with flavorful bits of ham, encased in a crisp crust


The Stairwell Davao

Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup — P78

A medley of seasoned fresh mushrooms and cream

The Stairwell Davao

Imbao Chowder – P78

A New England favorite, done with a distinctly Filipino twist



The Stairwell Davao

Stairwell’s Signature Lasagna — 158

Hearty meat sauce over layered lasagna, finished off with double béchamel cream – everyone’s favorite!

The Stairwell Davao

Durian Crepe

The Stairwell Davao

Beef Salpicao – P278

Beef tenderloin chunks sauteed in garlic and olive oil with a hint of jalapeno kick

The Stairwell Davao

Salisbury Steak with rice — 108 Single / 158 Double

Their signature beef patties, pan seared and served sizzling with gravy

For the complete list of their dishes please check their menu:

The Stairwell's menu

The Stairwell's menu (2)

The Stairwell's menu (3)

During the food tasting event, they served us fresh fruits and vegetable salad. This is not included in their menu but you can request it to them.

The Stairwell Davao

The Stairwell Davao



Here’s how THE STAIRWELL looks like:

The Stairwell (3) The Stairwell (6) The Stairwell (2) The Stairwell (4) The StairwellThe Stairwell (8)

The Stairwell Davao

Class. Affordability. Taste.

That’s The Stairwell.




Visit them at

Stall No. 1, Row of Restaurants,

Matina Town Square, MacArthur Highway,

Davao City

You may also Call them:


Follow them on Facebook:

The Stairwell









12 thoughts on “The Stairwell ~ “A Matter of Taste”

  1. Hi Jasper! Thank you so much for your kind words and beautiful photos! We’re glad you enjoyed the food tasting experience. Starting a restaurant can be difficult, but it’s happy customers that keep us going, as we constantly try to improve and innovate. 🙂 We are currently coming up with exciting new dishes that we’re hoping to release in time for Kadayawan! Thanks again and cheers to elevating the dining scene in Davao! 🙂

    • Hi Kat,

      Thanks for dropping by and for the food tasting… 😉

      You have one great restaurant and I’m sure many will love it coz’ it already has everything a customer wants… lovely ambiance, delicious food and good service…

      Congratulations and More power…

      I’ll definitely come back.. Some of my friends have actually visited your restaurant already and they also love it 😉

  2. looks like a great place to eat and enjoy good company with friends – and your photos left me drooling. mm mmm and mmmm. 🙂 the beef roll ups were my fav – but so much looks good – something for everyone – and your photos presented the items very well you food blogger you – did I say mmmm? well I must say it again. 🙂 ❤ – oh – and the outside of the Stairwell looks edgy and cool. peace.

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