Master Bong – an Affordable Korean Restaurant

Master Bong

Koreans have already influenced a lot of Filipinos.  We listen to Korean music, we watch Korean dramas & movies,  we idolize Korean singers, actors and actresses and we eat Korean food.  There are a lot of Korean restaurants in the city and the most common thing about them is that all of them are expensive.  Those restaurant have the same price range. However, recently I was surprised to see an affordable Korean restaurant.  It is located at corner Duterte street and Ilustre street inside Time Square (beside Gaisano South).

Here’s their menu:

Master Bong

See? The price of their dishes are really affordable compared to other Korean restaurants in the city.  My favorite is their Chicken Cheese Don for only P79.  I have also tried their Bibimbap and it’s also good.

Master Bong

Chicken Cheese Don

Master Bong


Most of their meals include a cup of rice and a cup of iced tea.  You can never find another Korean restaurant with this kind of price.  So, if you want to experience Korea without spending much… try Master Bong.  😀

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