Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

Earlier today I was surprised to see facebook updates on my newsfeed about Senator Miriam’s sickness.  The sickness being a “Stage 4 Lung Cancer” surprised me more.  In a matter of minutes facebook was filled with news about the Senator.   I also checked her facebook page and found the following posts:


Mirriam 2Sen. Mirriam Defensor-Santiago is full of surprises even in times of sickness.  I hope she gets better so that she’d have more time serving the country.  She is not a perfect woman, there were times when I didn’t like her but of all the Senators now, she is the most sensible.  She knows what she is talking about and fights for what she believes in.  We don’t need another Mirriam Defensor Santiago coz’ there will be no other Mirriam, but we need someone who has her qualities or someone better than her.  She has already set a standard of what a senator should be.  If she could run in the 2016 election, I would vote for her. The same way I had voted for her in the past. 😀

I found this picture from Manila Bulletin facebook page, and I just want to share it with you guys.

Mirriam 3

God Bless you Senator and get well soon…


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