Beestop Midyear Treat 2014

Beestop Midyear Treat 2014Beestop is a restaurant that started in General Santos City.  It offers its most salable Garlic Fried Chicken, Chicken Inasal and Homestyle Fried Chicken and the most loved Pancit Pyesta Dishes of Filipinos.  The management decided to expand in Davao City because of its success in GenSan.  Their business is currently doing well here in Davao.  That’s why as way of saying thank you to their customers, they have come up with this year’s “Beestop Midyear Treat”.

Last Monday, June 16, 2014 they invited the media, bloggers, students and some personalities in the city to attend the Midyear Treat.  On this day they have also announced the winners of their raffle.  They have given GCs and an iPad mini as prizes.

Beestop Midyear Treat 2014

Beestop Midyear Treat 2014

Beestop Midyear Treat 2014

Beestop Midyear Treat

Beestop Midyear Treat 2014

They also served us delectable and enjoyable food.

Beestop Midyear Treat Beestop Midyear Treat Beestop Midyear Treat Beestop Midyear Treat

The event wouldn’t be possible without the participation of Beestop’s owner.

Beestop Midyear Treat

Overall, Beestop is an affordable restaurant with excellent food and service.  Try their famous Garlic Chicken coz’ it is dubbed as the best tasting garlic chicken in GenSan.  That is also my fave dish among the dishes that they served that night.  If you don’t know where Beestop is, please check this map:

Beestop Map

For updates please visit and like their facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Beestop Midyear Treat 2014

  1. now I am so hungry after seeing those photos – and I love the actions shots – like you can feel the hair moving on the singer – also the prizes sound cool!! 🙂

    • Thanks again Ms. Y..

      Enjoy your summer break… Hope to see and read more posts from you soon. 😀

      by the way, it’s rainy season now in the Philippines. I want it to be summer again. hahaha 😉


      • oh my – I sometimes forget I am connecting with people across the globe – which is quite an honor – and well, enjoy the rainy season and I will soak up some of our summer for you… ha – jk –

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