Convo with Mr. James: “Pulse”

Yesterday, when I entered our classroom, Mr. James asked me to give him my hand. I asked him why then he said he was going to check my pulse.  I first give my right hand then my left afterwards.  He was very serious after checking my pulse. I was just smiling then he said that I have three weak points.  Stomach. Kidney. Liver.

I was shocked. Earlier that day I was having problems with my stomach. I already went to the bathroom twice before our class.  I asked him what should I do to strengthen those weak points. He reminded me that he already told me the answers.  Ahhh. he said before that yellow-colored fruit and vegetables are good for the stomach.  I actually forgot what fruit and vegetables are good for the kidney and liver.  I know red fruit and vegies are good for the heart.  I should ask him tomorrow.  Anyway, he also told me to have enough rest. He said that if we don’t get enough rest, our liver suffers. I told him that I only get 4-5 hours of sleep everyday. I can’t go to sleep early because I love using the internet.  Right now, its already 10:41PM and I need to wake up at 5:30AM tomorrow. hahaha

He said we should take care of our body.  I agreed.  He reminded me not to forget to exercise. He also said that we should not skip a meal everyday. We should eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on time.

Our body is precious so we should take good care of it. 😀


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