Davao Coffee Shop: Java Jive

Java Jive Davao

My third featured coffee shop is “Java Jive“.  Java Jive is located at Centron Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao City.  I’ve been there but I haven’t tried their coffee yet. However, I was impressed with their shop’s design and concept.

Java Jive Davao

Java Jive has a mini stage for their performers.  They don’t just play music, but they also have live performers.  They promote local artists and OPM.

Java Jive Davao

Like I said, I like the concept of their shop. It’s like a musical coffee shop. Aside from the live music you hear every night, the music-themed design of the shop is also noticeable.  The keyboard-ceiling is so lovely.

Java Jive Davao

The shop is quite small though but still comfortable.  That’s why if you want to unwind, relax and listen to music then this is the perfect place to go.  However if you want a quiet place to study or think then you might find this place irritating.  People’s voices plus the live music is gonna disturb you.

Java Jive Davao

Anyway, they serve different kinds of food ~ pastries, cakes, chips, breakfast meals, coffee, etc…

Sarao Diva at Java Jive

Sarao Diva at Java Jive

Java Jive Davao

There are a lot of coffee shops around Davao City and if you are a coffee lover then trying all of them is a must.  Different coffee shops offer different kinds of coffee.  I know I should have tried Java Jive’s coffee, so I plan to visit them soon.

By the way, there were some famous singers who had already performed at Java Jive.  During their anniversary celebration they invited Juris and earlier this year Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Dennis Trillo taped an episode of Sarap Diva here.

If you really love music and coffee then come and visit Java Jive. 😉

My Rating: coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee (only for the design and accessibility)


4 thoughts on “Davao Coffee Shop: Java Jive

  1. this looks like a very cool place – and the keys on the ceiling is awesome – also – the name mathces your name a bit…
    Jazper Jay jamming at the Java Jive
    great photos of this cool place… 🙂

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